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Summary: Outlook 2016 is embracing cloud integration, revolutionizing email management and collaboration. This shift enhances productivity and accessibility. However, safeguarding PST files from corruption is crucial.We recommend Kernel Outlook PST Repair software for effortless resolution of corruption issues, ensuring a secure and reliable email experience in this dynamic cloud-focused environment.

Microsoft Outlook has cemented its global presence by consistently delivering cutting-edge email services, ensuring 24/7 access to email data. In keeping with its tradition of innovation, Microsoft has unveiled the latest iteration, MS Outlook 2016. In an era where users are increasingly embracing cloud-based technologies, MS Outlook 2016 is thoughtfully enriched with several cloud-based features. In this article, we’ll dive into the technological advancements integrated into the MS Outlook 2016 interface, highlighting its robust capabilities.

What’s enthralling in the MS Outlook 2016 Edition?

Integration of Office 365 Groups

The latest edition of MS Outlook 2016 empowers users with authoritative control over Office 365 Groups. This Outlook 2016 iteration offers seamless management, creation, and membership capabilities for Office 365 accounts. All these functionalities are neatly integrated into the well-organized ribbon-shaped dashboard of MS Outlook.

One standout advantage of leveraging the Office 365 Groups feature is the effortless sharing of mailboxes and calendar information in the cloud, with the added convenience of subscription options.

Intensive Exchange Search Mechanism

Whether you’re utilizing an Exchange Server mailbox account alongside Outlook, the resilient MS Outlook 2016 offers a straightforward search process for Exchange mailboxes, eliminating the need for them to be cached or indexed. This streamlined operation allows you to directly harness the Exchange Search mechanism, bypassing the Windows Search panel entirely. Notably, the Exchange Search feature bridges the gap between search results in OWA, Online mode, and Cached Exchange mode, providing a unified and consistent search experience.

Facility to Fetch Attachments from Cloud

Microsoft Outlook 2016 release revolves around unique cloud-based features. Another mind-blowing feature of MS Outlook 2016 is that it gives an opportunity to upload attachments from cloud services like OneDrive without letting you to download the attachment on your personal computer. Moreover, before forwarding the attachment to the recipient, you can also configure the document access permissions. You can access this feature directly from the Attach File option.

Incorporated with Intelligent Clutter Facility

MS Outlook 2016 introduces an advanced and intuitive clutter management functionality. It tracks and handles neglected email items automatically by learning from user responses and activities. Once the Clutter feature identifies unused and ignored email items, it efficiently organizes them into the clutter folder. This valuable feature is available for mailboxes that are linked to the Office 365 Exchange Online service, streamlining email management and improving overall productivity.

Despite all these incorporated functionalities, there are many other unique features that MS Outlook 2016 offers. The MS Outlook 2016 email client is attracting significant number of email users because of these ready-to-use next gen functionalities. Let’s familiarize with the process of PST data file creation in the fresh MS Outlook 2016 interface.

Steps to Create PST File in MS Outlook 2016
  1. Launch the MS Outlook 2016 application if not opened already.
  2. Select the Home tab followed by the New Items option.
  3. In the New Items drop-down list, click More Items -> Outlook Data File.
  4. Assign a name to your Outlook PST, and then click OK.
  5. Start managing your PST folder from the Outlook left panel.

We have seen major up-gradations in the MS Outlook 2016 platform, which drastically reduces the risk of email data loss. As these applications are enhanced with better security and compatibility, many users and System Admins are implementing or upgrading the MS Outlook application. But, despite all the user-friendly and robust features, Outlook 2016 users must be vigilante to face any unexpected incidences to avoid any possibility of email data loss.


Outlook 2016 has significantly enhanced the quality of email communication by offering an improved user interface and seamless cloud synchronization. This version allows users to add multiple accounts, including Exchange Online, Office 365, IMAP, POP, and more, all while maintaining a consistent PST data file. However, PST files are susceptible to corruption from various external and internal threats.

To safeguard your PST file and ensure the integrity of your mailbox content, it’s advisable to utilize Kernel Outlook PST Repair software. This robust tool is designed to eliminate corruption issues, enabling you to effortlessly access and utilize the mailbox contents stored within the PST file.

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