Simple Steps to Import Outlook Tasks to OneNote

Siddharth Rawat
Siddharth Rawat | Updated On - December 05, 2022 |

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OneNote is a part of the MS Office suite and is used to organize your ideas and projects effectively by creating tasks and notes. It is one of the underrated tools that often remains unused. It is a digital equivalent of a physical notebook, therefore enabling the user to take notes digitally. It is available for notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. Also, it comes preinstalled on Windows 10 and offers many exciting features.

In the last few years, tablet PCs with pen control have significantly gained popularity among college-going students and designers, hence resurrecting OneNote. Digital notebooks have a lot of advantages over the conventional notebooks as printed information can easily be lost or damaged. On the contrary, these digital documents can be uploaded to cloud storage, hence minimizing the data loss. Some of the unknown yet useful features of OneNote are listed below:

  • Create a Notebook: One can create a digital notebook in OneNote. Going paperless is environment-friendly and is the need of the hour.
  • Move or Add Notebook Pages: “Fluidity” is what you get with OneNote. The user can easily rearrange pages as the project progresses.
  • Type or Write: it allows two methods to input data to your notes, either by typing or writing with hand (using a digital pen or stylus). It even allows more advanced options such as voice to text conversion and photo to text conversion.
  • Prioritize Tasks: Just like MS Outlook, in OneNote, users can prioritize and organize tasks using multiple searchable tags.
  • Add Multiple media Formats: To make your notes more engaging and livelier, the user can add all sorts of files such as recordings, PDFs, images, and more. With this feature, one can convey ideas more clearly and efferently.
  • Use OneNote for Free on Mobile and Web: With this capability, you can do so much while on the go.
  • Sync Note Among Multiple Devices: All your notes can be accessed from any device as it is possible to share and sync your notes to the cloud.

MS Outlook, when used alongside OneNote, can be quite beneficial for organizing ideas effectively. In an Outlook task, you can add start dates, due dates, reminders, priority, and more. Tasks created in MS Outlook are different from the To-Do List as tasks are created from scratch and are not tied to an email. It is now possible to import Outlook tasks to OneNote in a few simple steps which are shown below:

Step 1:

Launch MS Outlook and in the bottom-left pane click on the Tasks icon as shown below:
Launch MS Outlook

Step 2:

Next, click on the Home tab and then the New Task icon.
Click on new task

Step 3:

In the new task window, fill in the empty fields and click on Save & Close icon.
Save & Close

Step 4:

Next, right-click on the earlier created task and select OneNote from the options.
Select OneNote

Step 5:

The previous step will automatically launch OneNote with your newly imported task, as shown below:
launch OneNote


Here, we have discussed various features of OneNote and steps to import tasks from Outlook to OneNote. Finally, it can be concluded that when using Outlook and OneNote in tandem, the work efficiency is bound to increase. As earlier stated, OneNote is the most underrated tool out of the MS Office suite, but more and more users are now exploring the helpful features of OneNote, and it is steadily gaining popularity among users from all walks of life. Importing tasks from Outlook to OneNote is preferred as the user can better concentrate on the task at hand without doing back-and-forth between OneNote and Outlook.

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