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Outlook stands as a widely adopted email client within the business landscape. However, unforeseen issues can result in the loss of Outlook data, which can be particularly distressing when essential contacts are involved. To safeguard against such situations, it’s prudent to maintain a backup PST file containing emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks. This backup serves as a valuable resource, enabling the recovery of specific contacts when needed.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of utilizing a backup PST file to restore all your contacts. It’s crucial to ensure that the restored contacts are correctly placed in their respective folders to prevent any duplication issues.

Recover Outlook Contacts from Backup

  1. Launch Outlook and select File.Launch MS Outlook
  2. From the Open & Export option in the left pane, select Import / Export.Select Import/Export
  3. Click on the option, Import from another program or file. Click Next.Import from another program or file
  4. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click Next.Select Outlook Data File (.pst)
  5. Click on the Browse button and select the PST file you want to import contacts from.Select the PST file you want to import contacts
  6. Check the box, Do not import duplicates. In this way the data that matched existing file is not imported. Click Next.Do not import duplicates
  7. Select the folder (here you can select Contacts folder) to import from and check the box if you want to include subfolders. Check the box, Import items into the same folder. Select your emails Contacts folder
  8. Click Finish.Click Finish

Similar methods can be employed to recover deleted contacts in Outlook 2016 and other Outlook versions. The manual approach is suitable for smaller PST files in good working condition. However, when dealing with large PST files and complex backup data, deleted contacts may pose a challenge. In such cases, a professional tool becomes a dependable solution for efficiently and effectively restoring Outlook contacts from backups.

An essential third-party tool for this purpose is Kernel for Outlook PST Recovery. It swiftly recovers all corrupt, inaccessible, or accidentally lost data, maintaining the original data integrity without any size limitations. This outstanding tool alleviates concerns about Outlook contacts, ensuring their effortless restoration.


While the manual method is an initial troubleshooting option for contact restoration from a backup file, professional tools offer a simpler and more efficient approach. With tools like Kernel for Outlook PST Recovery, installation and usage are straightforward, making it an easy solution for addressing various Outlook-related issues. Unlike the complex manual processes, this tool streamlines the recovery process.

Kernel for Outlook PST Repair