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Summary: SharePoint is a versatile browser-based Content Management System, popular for document management, intranets, collaboration, and integration with Office 365. Microsoft offers migration tools for seamless transitions to SharePoint Online, ensuring efficient data transfer from on-premises servers and file shares.

SharePoint is a web-based Content Management System known for its seamless integration with various Microsoft software, such as MS Office. Its flexibility and wide array of customization features have generated enthusiasm among contemporary businesses. Additionally, the attraction of cloud platforms’ pay-as-you-go approach has captured the interest of many small and medium-sized enterprises, negating the need for significant initial infrastructure expenditures.

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Microsoft has officially announced that SharePoint is embraced by over 200,000 business entities, boasting an impressive user base of 190 million active participants. This user base continues to expand steadily. What factors contribute to its widespread appeal? Among the prevalent applications of SharePoint are:

  • Document Management – Within the SharePoint platform, individuals have the capability to store, share, and oversee a diverse array of electronic documents and records. Additionally, it facilitates seamless real-time collaborative editing, while its version control feature guarantees the preservation of work integrity and prevents any potential loss or damage resulting from collaborative efforts.
  • Intranet and Social Network – Utilizing SharePoint’s intranet portal for communication provides a secure means of disseminating enterprise data and applications, fostering increased employee involvement while streamlining process administration. This platform empowers employees to exchange vital information without exposing the organization to potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Collaboration – SharePoint has some amazing collaborative capabilities. External as well as internal users can use these features to improve productivity.
  • File Hosting Service – OneDrive for Business comes within the SharePoint environment and saves documents. It is a cloud storage space from Microsoft to facilitate collaboration. OneDrive can be synced to your PC as well.
  • Custom web applications – SharePoint provides capabilities for the custom developments of web applications. With this, a user can upload, edit, or access files over the intranet.
  • Integration with Office 365 Products – SharePoint, being a Microsoft product, integrates well with Office 365 and other Microsoft products like MS Teams, MS Office, etc.
  • Periodic Updates – Microsoft regularly issues updates and new iterations of SharePoint, incorporating additional functionalities and enhancing existing ones. This ensures you have access to an ever-evolving collaboration platform.

Because of the advantages SharePoint offers to businesses, there is a considerable demand among users for migrating to this platform. To facilitate this process, Microsoft offers a dedicated tool designed for seamless migration between SharePoint accounts. Moreover, this tool supports migration through the utilization of JSON or CSV files, making it convenient for bulk migration tasks.

In order to facilitate a smooth transition, Microsoft provides SharePoint users with a complimentary tool available for download. This tool enables the transfer of data from SharePoint document libraries and file shares located on-premises to SharePoint Online.

Migrate SharePoint Server Data Using Migration Tool

Before SharePoint Migration tool download, just go through the basic pre-requisites:

  • CPU: 64-bit 1.4 GHz 2-core processor
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Local Storage: 150 GB free space
  • Operating system: Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7 updated or better
  • .NET Framework 4.6.2
Migrating On-Premises SharePoint Server Data to SharePoint Online

Now, follow the step given below for migrating your on-premises SharePoint data to SharePoint Online (Office 365).

  1. Download, install and launch the tool and click Next.
    Launch the Tool
  2. Type your Office 365 credentials – username and password. Click Next.
    Enter Office 365 credentials
  3. Select SharePoint on-premises as the source.
    Select SharePoint on-premises
  4. Now,
    • Enter on-premises SharePoint Server site URL – this is the source where your data is stored/located.
    • Enter the credentials of the SharePoint Server.
    • Select the data you want to migrate.
  5. Finally, click Next.
    Enter SharePoint Server credentials

  6. Now, enter the URL of the SharePoint Online site – your data will be migrated to this site; click Next.Enter the URL of SharePoint Online site
  7. You can add multiple tasks with Add a task button. Click Migrate and initiate the process of migration.
    Add multiple tasks
  8. You can save the task report in CSV format when the migration gets completed. The migration task can be paused and resumed at any time.
    Save the task report in CSV format
Migrating data from file share to SharePoint Online

The tool can easily migrate data from your file share to SharePoint Online. Here are the steps that you can use to perform the migration efficiently.

  1. Launch the tool and provide the login credentials.
  2. Now, select the source and destination:
    • Select File Share as the source and enter the folder that is to be migrated
    • Enter the SharePoint Online site URL where you want to migrate your data
    • Choose the document library from the drop-down list and click Add to add the task
    • You can also add multiple tasks using the Add a task button

    Click Migrate to initiate the process.
    Select the source and destination

  3. Lastly, the migration process gets completed showing the following details. Save the task report if required.
    Save the task report

Thumbs up!!! You have migrated your data successfully to SharePoint Online.

Concluding Words

Transferring data to SharePoint Online can be a complex endeavor, yet it is attainable with the aid of the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool. Furthermore, several professional solutions streamline this laborious undertaking, with Kernel Migrator for SharePoint being the top recommendation. This exceptional tool facilitates seamless SharePoint Migration offering swift and user-friendly functionality. It boasts a diverse array of features catering to the migration of SharePoint on-premises data to various versions such as SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, or even SharePoint Online within Office 365.

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