How to Check SharePoint Site Access Permissions to Users and Groups

Megha Sharma Megha Sharma Updated On - 25 Oct 2019

SharePoint Online administrators can allow or restrict users from accessing any site according to the job requirements and responsibilities of the users. Also, they can control the level of access and the actions that can be performed by the user. According to this, there are different permission levels a user/group can have in SharePoint.

SharePoint Online Permission Levels

Some of the important SharePoint Permission levels are:

  • Full Control – All SharePoint permissions (by default, Owners Group has this permission).
  • Edit – Add, edit/update, delete sites, list items, or documents (by default, Members Group has this permission).
  • Contribute – View, add, update, and delete documents/list items
  • Read – View and download items/pages in lists/document libraries
  • View Only – View pages/items/documents, but without downloading

How to check site access permissions in SharePoint Online

Using the SharePoint Online admin centre, it is quite easy to check the assigned permissions the users and groups have on SharePoint Online sites. You just need to follow the provided steps for performing this task.

  1. Go to and select the SharePoint tile. Then, log in with the administrator credentials.
  2. Then go to Active Sites and click on the URL of the desired active site.
  3. Click the Site Contents option from the left panel on the opened SharePoint site.
  4. Next, click on Site Settings on the top of the page.
  5. Now, under the Users and Permissions section, click Site permissions.
  6. The SharePoint Permissions page will get opened. Here, you can perform multiple actions like editing the user permissions.
    • Grant Permissions: To grant permissions to a user or group.
    • Create Group: To create a SharePoint group, add members to it, and assign desired permissions.
    • Remove User Permissions: To remove the permissions assigned to the selected SharePoint user or group.
    • Edit User Permissions: To modify the permissions assigned to the added SharePoint Online group.

  7. Just select the desired permission and click OK.

Checking SharePoint Online User/Group Permission

To check what all permissions are assigned on the SharePoint site, click on the Check Permissions on the top of the SharePoint Permissions page. It will open the Check Permissions dialogue box.

You first need to search and add the desired users or groups in the selected SharePoint site.

After adding the desired user/group, click on Check Now option to provide the permissions to that added user/groups.

Here, you would find the permission level and other details to the associated SharePoint user or group.
So, this is how you can get information about the permissions assigned to the user or group.

Can SharePoint permissions be migrated?

During SharePoint migrations, organizations prefer to migrate the assigned permissions along with the data to avoid complexities. Our tool, the Kernel Migrator for SharePoint performs this for you. It efficiently migrates SharePoint sites, lists, libraries, etc. to SharePoint Online along with all the permissions assigned to site users or groups. SharePoint Migration tool also supports File system to SharePoint, Google Drive to Google Drive, One Drive to One Drive migrations as well in minimum time with full accuracy. Thus, you got the best solution to migrate SharePoint permissions easily.