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Summary: SharePoint administrators can add users to SharePoint Online sites by logging in with admin credentials, accessing Site permissions, and using the Share site option to search and add users, Office 365 groups, or security groups. Permissions can be customized, and migration tools are recommended for data transfers.

Managing users is a crucial duty for SharePoint administrators, and among their key responsibilities is the task of adding users to a SharePoint site. In this guide, we will demonstrate how to add users to a SharePoint Online site, noting that this method is also applicable to on-premises SharePoint installations.

How to add users to a SharePoint Online Site?

  1. Log in to SharePoint Online with administrative credentials. Then, go to the SharePoint admin center and under Active sites, click on the desired SharePoint.
    Log in to SharePoint Online with administrative credentials
  2. Now, click the gear icon and click Site permissions.
    Site permissions
  3. The Site permissions dialogue box will get open. Here, click the Share site option.
    Share site option
  4. Here, you can search and add users, Office 365 groups, or security groups for providing access to the selected site.
    search and add users
    Note: If the site is part of the Office 365 group, so the added users would get access to this Office 365 group site only and not to other Group resources (calendars and conversations). You will get the information like this:
    added users
    You can click on the link add members to the group to add members to it in order to have access to other group resources as well.
  5. Once desired users are selected for adding to the SharePoint Site, click Add.
    adding to the SharePoint Site
  6. The users will get successfully added to the SharePoint Site. You can decide which permissions to be assigned to the added users (at first, they are Site visitors by default).
    • Users with Edit permissions are shown under Site members.
    • Users with Full control permissions are shown under Site owners.

    Site owners

This was the method that a SharePoint administrator can follow to add users to a SharePoint Site.

Thinking of Migration for SharePoint?

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