Save Multiple Attachments at Once in Outlook

Yatendra Singh | Updated On - 24 Dec 2020 |

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In Outlook, when you compose an email message, you can attach various files like docs, audio, video, etc. Such a feature is very helpful for sending invoices of product purchases, acknowledgments to people, etc.

And when you receive multiple attachments, managing them becomes difficult as individually opening, closing and downloading the files attached to the emails you receive is time-consuming.

Downloading all the attachments would save you from numerous clicks and will save time as well. In this article we’ll show how to download all the attachments at once in Microsoft Outlook.

Download Multiple Attachments in Outlook on Windows OS

To save multiple attachments in Outlook, follow below steps:

  1. First-of-all, Open Outlook.
  2. Select the message with multiple attachments attachments massage
  3. Note: You can open the message on the same screen or a new message window.

  4. Click the down arrow icon on the attachment file and select Save all attachments in the menu all attachments file
  5. Note: If Save all attachments is not there, click on File tab and select Save Attachments option.
    Save Attachments

  6. Save all attachments box would pop on-screen. Select the attachments to download and click Ok.pop on-screen for saving attachments
  7. For selecting the number of file-attachments you wish to download, there are two tricks as follows:
    • For selecting specific attachments, press and hold CTRL key and click the attachments:press and hold CTRL key
    • For selecting a range of attachments all at once, press and hold SHIFT key and click on the first attachment:press and hold SHIFT key
  8. Once you’re done with selecting either specific or all attachment files, you can proceed to download all of them at once. Click Ok.
  9. Browse for selecting a location/path to save the file(s). Click Ok.

Download Multiple Attachments in Outlook on Mac OS

To save multiple attachments in Outlook for Mac, follow below steps:

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Select the Email-message.
  3. Note: If the email is not open, it would not be an issue, you can select the mail without opening it.

  4. Click on Attachments > select Save All.
  5. Note: Use Shift + Command + E key combination, if you’re using Outlook 365 on Mac.

    Alternatively, select an Attachment in message header with the right mouse click > select Save All.

  6. Browse for a location/path for saving the attachments.
  7. Select Choose.
  8. Note: Save a range of selected file attachments.

For saving a range of selected file attachments:

  1. In Outlook, open the message containing the files you wish to save.
  2. Select Preview in the attachment section above the message text.
  3. Press and hold Shift to select a range of file attachments.
  4. Select Choose.


  1. In Outlook, open the message containing the files you wish to save.
  2. Select any attachment file with a right mouse click. Click Save As.
  3. Browse to the location/path to save the attachment files.
  4. Select Choose.

How to Recover Attachments from a Corrupt PST File?

If the PST file is corrupt or damaged, you cannot open, view, or save attachments using Outlook. In that case, you need to repair the PST file first using a PST repair tool.

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Outlook PST repair tool

Along with the functionality of repairing corrupt or damaged PST file(s), Outlook PST Repair tool also offers cross-platform email migration.

The tool is made with advanced algorithms to ensure file integrity; it maintains data hierarchy, and the software is available to download on all versions of Windows Operating System.


Clicking on every single email attachment file, is a boring job and can be frustrating at times. The above steps can help you download multiple attachment files at once. To troubleshoot and fix common Microsoft Outlook issues, when Outlook data file is corrupt or damaged and you are not able to download attachments, use Kernel for Outlook PST Repair. The software has helped multiple businesses and is praised by many for the outstanding results it has helped many Outlook users to achieve.

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