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The OLM is a data file in the MAC Outlook that saves mailbox data, including emails, contacts, notes, journals, and other data items. This file was first introduced with the Mac Outlook 2011, and now it supports all versions, i.e., 2016 and 2019. It is almost identical to the PST data file except that PST can be used on both MAC and Windows operating systems, whereas OLM is only limited to MAC operating system.

If you are using MAC Outlook and searching for a solution to move the MAC calendar to the Google Calendar, you first need to import the required OLM files into Google Calendar. For this, you need to know about the OLM file location in MAC Outlook. Many users import OLM files as Google Calendar makes it easy to view calendar events. The other reason can be that you are using the MAC operating system and want to switch to Windows or another. For whatever reason, you must convert the OLM files to the ICS format to import into the Google Calendar. The ICS format is the most common file format recognized by all calendar apps. You can use manual and automated methods to perform the same.

Manual method to import OLM files into Google Calendar

If you want to use the manual method to import OLM files to Gmail or Google Calendar, you must follow the below steps:

  • Launch your MAC Outlook application and click on Tools -> Export.click on tools and export
  • After that, the Export to Archive File (.olm) pop-up window will appear where you must select Calendar and click Continue.click Continue
  • Browse the location where you want to store the file and click the save button. The above steps result in exporting the Outlook calendar in *.ics format.Browse the location
  • After performing the above steps, open Google Calendar and go to settings.open Google Calendar
  • Select the Import/Export option and click the “Select files from computer” option.Select files from computer
  • Browse the location where *.ics files are saved.
  • Finally, start importing the OLM calendar to Gmail by clicking on Import.

You may prefer this option if you are using a MAC system, but you should be aware that it is a time-consuming process that does not provide 100% accuracy. Also, it provides limited data extraction and cannot import a large number of files. To avoid these complications, it is better to use the automated solution that is discussed below:

Automated method to import into Google Calendar

The automated method is a reliable solution to import OLM files to Google Calendar; you should prefer the automated method as it allows you to convert multiple files to ICS format in a single attempt. Also, this method is suitable only for MAC users with Outlook for MAC applications stored in their system. If you are not among them, you can use third-party tools to achieve the same results effortlessly without requiring Mac Outlook. One such tool Kernel OLM to PST is an innovative tool that enables users to convert the OLM into Gmail file format. If you perform this conversion, you can effortlessly import the MAC Calendar into the Gmail calendar. Also, it recovers data from damaged or corrupted OLM files and generates file analysis reports after the conversion. In addition, it enables users to preview items before the migration. Apart from this, it also provides free ways to convert OLM to PST file. To know the tool better, it is recommended to use the free trial version first. After getting satisfied with the tool, you can purchase it to use further.


Nowadays, many business professionals and corporations use calendars for personal meetings, time-tracking schedules, and to-dos. There are distinct options available in the calendars, and many users switch between multiple calendars for different tasks. It might be a burdensome and annoying situation for them. Hence, you must choose an all-in-one solution to resolve this problem. You can prefer MAC Calendar or Google Calendar for work and personal meetings. Many users also search for a solution to import MAC calendar to Google calendar. If you are among the users who want to switch to the Windows Google calendar, you can use the above two methods to perform the same, i.e., Manual and Professional methods.

Due to several limitations of the manual method, it is better to use third-party tools to avoid complications. You can use the Kernel OLM to PST tool recommended above to import OLM files effortlessly and securely.

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