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Summary: This article discusses two methods for importing OLM files into Google Calendar. OLM files store mailbox data on Mac Outlook, and the manual method involves exporting to ICS format. The automated method recommends using Kernel OLM to PST for a more efficient and accurate conversion.

The OLM file is a data format specific to MAC Outlook, used for storing various mailbox elements such as emails, contacts, notes, journals, and more. It was initially introduced alongside Mac Outlook 2011 and is compatible with subsequent versions like 2016 and 2019. Although similar to the PST data file, it differs in that PST can function on both MAC and Windows platforms, while OLM is exclusively designed for the MAC operating system.

If you’re utilizing MAC Outlook and seeking a method to transfer your MAC calendar to Google Calendar, the initial step involves importing the necessary OLM files into your Google Calendar. To accomplish this, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the process. OLM file location in MAC Outlook. Numerous individuals choose to import OLM files into Google Calendar due to its seamless event viewing capabilities. Another scenario might involve transitioning from a MAC operating system to Windows or another platform. Regardless of the motive, converting OLM files to the ICS format is imperative for seamless integration with Google Calendar. ICS stands out as the universally recognized file format compatible with all calendar applications. There are both manual and automated approaches available to accomplish this task.

Manual method to import OLM files into Google Calendar

To manually import OLM files to Gmail or Google Calendar, you should adhere to the following steps:

  • Launch your MAC Outlook application and click on Tools -> on tools and export
  • After that, the Export to Archive File (.olm) pop-up window will appear where you must select Calendar and click Continue
  • Browse the location where you want to store the file and click the save button. The above steps result in exporting the Outlook calendar in *.ics format.Browse the location
  • After performing the above steps, open Google Calendar and go to Google Calendar
  • Select the Import/Export option and click the “Select files from computer” option.Select files from computer
  • Browse the location where *.ics files are saved.
  • At last, initiate the process of importing the OLM calendar into Gmail by selecting the “Import” option.

If you’re operating on a MAC system, this option might be your preference. However, it’s important to note that this method is time-consuming and doesn’t guarantee 100% accuracy. Moreover, it has constraints in data extraction and can’t handle a large volume of files. To circumvent these issues, it’s advisable to employ the automated solution outlined below:

Automated method to import into Google Calendar

The automated approach offers a dependable solution for importing OLM files into Google Calendar. It’s highly recommended, especially for MAC users with Outlook for MAC applications installed. This method allows for the conversion of multiple files into ICS format in a single go. However, if you don’t fall into this category, third-party tools can be employed to achieve the same outcome without necessitating Mac Outlook. One such tool is Kernel for OLM to PST, an innovative solution enabling users to convert OLM files into Gmail-compatible format. This facilitates seamless integration of MAC Calendar with Gmail Calendar. Moreover, the tool is proficient in recovering data from damaged or corrupted OLM files and provides detailed file analysis reports post-conversion. It also grants users the ability to preview items before initiating the migration. Additionally, it offers free methods for converting OLM to PST files. For a more comprehensive understanding of the tool, it’s advisable to first try out the free trial version. Once you’re satisfied with its performance, you can proceed with a purchase for continued use.


In the present day, a multitude of professionals and businesses rely on calendars to manage personal meetings, track time, and organize their tasks. With various options available, users often find themselves juggling between multiple calendars, which can be both cumbersome and frustrating. Therefore, it is imperative to seek an all-encompassing solution to streamline this process. For seamless management of work and personal meetings, you can opt for either the MAC Calendar or Google Calendar. Additionally, for those seeking to transition from MAC Calendar to Google Calendar on a Windows platform, there are two effective methods to accomplish this: the Manual and Professional approaches.

Given the various constraints associated with manual processes, employing third-party tools is a more advisable approach to circumvent potential complications. The Kernel OLM to PST tool, which is highly recommended, provides a seamless and secure solution for effortlessly importing OLM files.

Kernel for OLM to PST