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Are you also receiving an error – ‘Exodus Kodi no stream available’ while playing a media on the Kodi media player? Don’t worry; this post will look at possible solutions to come out of this issue and make Exodus Kodi ready for streaming.

Kodi is a free and open-source entertainment hub for various platforms, making it easy for you to watch TV shows, movies, and other entertainment programs. But it can also suffer from unwanted errors at times, such as Kodi has no sound on videos. There is another such error – Kodi no stream available, which is mainly related to Exodus, a third-party add-on for Kodi. This error might occur because of several different reasons. So, this blog will list some of these reasons and discuss solutions to fix Exodus Kodi no stream available error.

What is Exodus in Kodi?

Being an open-source entrainment hub, Kodi supports tons of add-ons for users, and Exodus is one of them that provides users unlimited and free access to TV shows and movies. It also offers several features like unlimited online video streaming and many more. Exodus Redux is the current version of the Exodus that the users use.

What does Exodus Kodi No Stream Available Error Mean?

While watching videos on Kodi, you might get an error saying Exodus no stream available. It means that the device cannot retrieve the actual link of that show or movie, or the video content is unavailable and can’t be loaded on your device. Since the streaming has been stopped in between, you can’t continue watching videos.

Causes Behind No Stream Available Error

There can be several reasons behind the streaming issues on Exodus Kodi. Some of them are:

  • Network-related problems with the device
  • Exodus is restricted by any component of your network or system
  • Outdated version of Exodus add-on on Kodi
  • The video content you are trying to watch might be corrupted or not available
  • Wrong timeout settings on the device
  • Any other security or network issues
Quick Fixes for the Exodus Kodi No Stream Available Issue
Solution 1 – Update the Exodus Version

Sometimes, the error might be because of the outdated version of the add-on. In such a case, you need to update your add-on to continue enjoying streaming movies and TV shows. Follow the below steps to update the Exodus add-on:

  • Open Kodi and go to the main menu.
  • Select Add-ons from the given options and then click on Video Add-ons.
  • Now, select Exodus or Exodus Redux, right-click on it and click on the Information section.
  • Now select the Update option from the information window to update the latest version.
  • Once the update completed, check whether the problem solved or not.
Solution 2 – Clear Cache and Other Data

Sometimes, because of the accumulation of content in the Exodus add-on, there is an unwanted delay in loading a video, and Kodi shows no stream available error. To remove unwanted cache or data from Exodus, follow the below steps:

  • Open Kodi software and go to the main menu.
  • From the given options, select Add-ons and click on Video Add-ons.
  • Open the Exodus option and browse the Tools feature.
  • In the Tools option, scroll down and select clear providers.
  • Similarly, you will find another option to clear cache data in the Tools option; select it.
  • After selecting both, select Yes to the prompt on the screen, and within a few seconds, it will clear all the cache.
Solution 3 – Change the Provider Timeout Setting

If you are trying to load a large video with an unstable network connection, you can experience this Exodus no stream error. If the tool requires a lot of time to load a video, it automatically performs a timeout.

  • Go to the main menu in Kodi software.
  • Select Add-ons; click on Video Add-ons
  • Open the Exodus option, then browse and select the settings: General tab
  • Under the General Settings, you will find an option Providers Timeout.
  • Select it and set a timeout. You can set a timeout of 60 seconds maximum for any provider
  • Now click Ok to save changes.
Solution 4 – Use a Reliable VPN

As we know, Exodus is a third-party application that allows us to stream tons of free content. It is considered unauthorized in several countries, or we can say it is illegal. That’s why it might be possible that your network provider or Kodi could have blocked the content.

To avoid it, we suggest you use a reliable VPN. You can find several VPN apps in the in-built store of Kodi, such as Nord VPN, Express VPN, IPVanish, etc. You can also change your location and try re-accessing the content. It may help you resolve the video not playing issue on your device.

Fix Corrupt or Damaged Video Files

Sometimes, Exodus Kodi no stream available error might be because of loading a corrupt/damaged video file. Even if you try the above solutions, they won’t work in this situation. So, I recommend using an automated video repair tool named Kernel Video Repair to repair corrupt or damaged video files quickly. Its simple and user-friendly design allows you to fix all issues related to your video files. This tool can also recover deleted or lost images of any format. Overall, it’s a great tool to resolve every issue on a video file and make it error-free.


I hope this simple, yet effective guide helps you resolve the ‘Exodus Kodi no stream available’ error. As we discussed, there can be several reasons behind this error, so I have listed every possible solution to fix it.

We have also suggested a dedicated video repair tool to quickly fix corrupt, damaged, or blurred video file. This tool supports all video file formats and is compatible with all Windows OS versions. Download its free trial version to learn more about the tool.

Kernel Video Repair
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