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Kerio Connect, a robust mail server, offers comprehensive email communication solutions. It boasts a global presence with over 30,000 companies having successfully deployed it worldwide.

This versatile collaboration application serves as an ideal mail server solution for small-sized firms and businesses. Its affordability and widespread availability make it the top choice for small businesses and startups.

Features of Keiro Mail

This is a versatile email and instant messaging server equipped with multiple distribution systems, providing seamless access through web-based email and mobile devices. Installation is effortless, and it boasts a range of flexible features. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems.

Let’s get into the brief features of Kerio Mail

  • External Device Support
    Kerio Connect by GFI Software provides effortless and flawless mobile device support. It features an exceptional synchronization mechanism that ensures all device information seamlessly harmonizes with the data on the system.
  • Supports all mailbox items
    Kerio Mail offers comprehensive support for various essential features including emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, folders, and all mailbox items. This versatile solution is ideally suited for medium-sized and small businesses seeking to fulfill their unique requirements. Its integrated communication capabilities allow for effortless group organization and seamless interaction with employees, enhancing overall efficiency and collaboration.
  • Assured Security
    Kerio Mail offers a robust multi-layered security system, safeguarding users and networks against malicious threats and virus attacks. This comprehensive security framework includes a sophisticated spam filtering feature designed to streamline communication by minimizing unwanted messages, proactively blocking suspicious IP addresses, and preventing the introduction of questionable attachments.
  • Easy installation
    Kerio Mail can be effortlessly installed within just 10 minutes, allowing users to swiftly begin utilizing it in the following 10 minutes. This seamless installation process is a highly appealing feature for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Why Migrate from Kerio Mail to Office 365?

Kerio Connect primarily caters to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and organizations. As these entities experience growth and expansion, their demands for mailbox capacity inevitably surge. Consequently, the email platform that may have sufficed in the past becomes inadequate. In such cases, larger enterprises necessitate a more advanced email system equipped with essential features and integrated security solutions to meet their evolving requirements effectively.

Through Kerio Connect is best suited for small scale businesses, but it comes with a few drawbacks making migration to Office 365 necessary :

  • Kerio Mail is primarily built for email collaboration, unlike Office 365, which includes other productivity applications as well.
  • Kerio does not integrate with Outlook so well as Exchange Online.
  • Kerio Mail does not get regularly updated in comparison to Office 365, which releases new versions regularly.
Migrate from Kerio Mail to Office 365

Office 365, specifically Exchange Online, is a globally recognized Microsoft platform that caters to diverse users across the world. Its intricate capabilities and associated expenses make it particularly well-suited for large enterprises. Yet, when it comes to a comprehensive array of features and steadfast reliability, Office 365 stands unchallenged. This is why numerous organizations aspire to migrate to Office 365 as an inevitable step in their digital evolution.

The decision to migrate data from Kerio Mail to Office 365 hinges on various factors, including data volume and the availability of integrated tools. While the simplest method for transferring data from Kerio Mail to Office 365 is through Exchange Online features, relying solely on the administration center does not ensure a complete data migration. To address this situation and guarantee the success of your data migration, professional tools become essential. One of the most successful tool is Kernel IMAP to Office 365 migration which helps you to migrate IMAP emails to Office 365. It streamlines the process of moving Kerio Mail data to Office 365 without any constraints. With this tool, you can easily select, map, filter, and migrate your data in a few straightforward steps. What’s more, it offers support for all email servers, simplifying the migration process. If you’d like to test the tool’s capabilities, a free trial version is available, allowing you to migrate and download up to 10 items per folder.


With Kernel IMAP to Office 365 migrating tool, you can successfully migrate the entire Kerio Mail mailbox data to Office 365 without any hassle. The software is a perfect solution for instant and effective data migration. More over it is also helpful equally when Gmail is out of space. You do not have to worry about Keiro Mail data getting lost or deleted because this tool maintains data integrity and also does not save any password and login credentials.