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Summary: Discover a comprehensive step-by-step guide to merging Office 365 accounts efficiently. Explore the scenarios that necessitate account consolidation and learn how to seamlessly combine your Office 365 accounts using Kernel Merge PST, a powerful tool with advanced features

As an Office 365 user, you’ve likely come across numerous inquiries in Microsoft communities concerning the merging of Office 365 accounts. Both businesses and individuals often utilize multiple Office 365 accounts to oversee various users and data. However, situations often arise where the need arises to consolidate two Office 365 accounts. In such scenarios, there is typically no straightforward manual method for merging these accounts. Even if a manual solution exists, it demands meticulous planning and preparations to ensure a seamless mail flow without disruptions.

Need to Merge Office 365 Accounts?

Several scenarios may necessitate the merging of two Office 365 accounts.

  • Consolidating a business and personal Office 365 account becomes necessary when you aim to unify them into a single, integrated account.
  • In cases where one organization acquires another, the consolidation of Office 365 accounts is often pursued to prevent conflicts and ensure a smooth transition.
Methods to Merge Office 365 Accounts

Typically, Microsoft does not offer a manual solution for merging Office 365 accounts. While you can use both accounts simultaneously, this approach may not be suitable for every business. Therefore, an effective alternative is to merge PST files from Office 365 accounts using the Kernel Merge PST tool. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this:


  • First of all, configure your Office 365 accounts with MS Outlook.
  • After configuring the Office 365 account, export Outlook mailboxes to PST using the manual methods.
  • Once both the PST files are saved, you can merge them with the help of Kernel Merge PST tool.
Kernel Merge PST

Kernel Merge PST is a powerful tool crafted with advanced algorithms, enabling the seamless merging of two or multiple PST files. This utility is capable of handling PST files of any size. Additionally, it offers intelligent filtering options and features, allowing users to merge specific PST folders and items, as well as merge items based on criteria such as item type and date.

Moreover, this software boasts exceptional compatibility with every version of the Windows operating system and supports virtually all PST file formats. Let’s delve into the step-by-step process of how this utility works.

  1. Download and install Kernel Merge PST on your system.
  2. Launch the tool on your system and click Add Files on the home screen to select the specific PST files.
    Launch the merge PST tool
  3. After selecting the PST files, click Next to start with the merging process.
    Select the PST file to merge
    Note: Kernel Merge PST provides users with two convenient options for combining PST files. To merge two PST files into a single file, choose the ‘Merge’ option. If you prefer to join multiple PST files while keeping their folders separate, select the ‘Join’ option.
  4. The folders of both the PST files will appear on the screen. Now, choose the folders that you want to merge. To merge all the folders, click “Select All,” and then click “Next.”
    Choose the folder you want to merge
  5. Customize your merge by applying filters such as mailbox type and date range. Then, select a destination for the merged file and click ‘Next’.”
    Set filter option
  6. It will take some time to merge the PST files. Meanwhile, you can see the merging process on screen.
    Merging process started
  7. Once the process is done, you’ll receive a notification on the screen confirming the same. Click “Ok,” and then click “Finish” to end the process.
    Process finished

After merging the PST files, you can easily open it with MS Outlook. This way the Office 365 account with occurs as one account in your MS Outlook.


While merging two Office 365 accounts isn’t mandatory, individuals who wish to combine their business and personal accounts often seek this option. With this consideration in mind, we’ve outlined an efficient solution for users looking to merge their Office 365 accounts.

Kernel Merge PST