Export Exchange mailbox to PST & import to Office 365

An Exchange to Office 365 migration is usually performed at the organizational level with Exchange administrators playing a crucial role in it. And end users do not have a major role in the migration. However, there are situations when end users need to have their Exchange mailbox exported to Office 365. Interestingly, end users can export their Exchange mailboxes to Office 365 without any help from the Exchange administrators. Here is a simple way to migrate Exchange mailboxes to Office 365


  1. First export the Exchange Mailbox (from Outlook) to PST
  2. Import the PST file to Office 365
How to export Exchange mailbox to PST from Outlook?


The feature to export data to PST is available in the desktop versions of Outlook. However, the steps vary slightly in different versions of Outlook.


Outlook 2016/2013


Step - 1. In Outlook 2016/2013, to export the data to a PST file, go to File menu and then click Open & Export and finally click the Import/Export option.



Step - 2. Select the second option of Export to a file and click Next.



Step - 3. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click Next.



Step - 4. Select the folder is to be exported to a new PST file. Click Next.



Step - 5. Browse the location of the destination PST file, and choose the required option among the three



That's how you export Exchange mailbox data to a PST file.


How to import mailbox to Office 365 using Outlook?

After exporting your Exchange mailbox to a PST file, you can easily import it to an Outlook account associated with Office 365. To import the PST file, follow the upcoming steps


Step - 1. Select the File menu from the ribbon, and then click Open & Export> Import/Export.



Step - 2. in Import and Export wizard, select the option Import from another program or file. Then click Next.



Step - 3. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click Next



Step - 4. Browse and select the PST file and choose the desired option




Step - 5. select the folder to which the PST file is to be imported. Click Finish.



Advantages of professional PST import tools

An easier method is to use professional tools like Kernel Import PST to Office 365 that can import PST (and OST) files directly to Office 365. Meanwhile, Exchange administrators can use third-party EDB to PST converter tools like Kernel for Exchange Server to move many Exchange mailboxes to Office 365 very quickly and directly.


Final words

With the help of PST Export/Import method, you can quickly move your mailbox to Office 365. This method is simple and straightforward and works with all recent versions of Outlook. But using professional tools like Kernel Import PST to Office 365 or Kernel for Exchange Server, you can perform these actions more easily.



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Export Exchange Mailbox to PST & Import to Office 365

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