How To Keep a Record of All Activity Done on A Computer?

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In recent times we have witnessed our inabilities to join places like schools, colleges, offices, markets, and workplaces. We got confined to homes and the trend of online working, work from home, and even online shopping have become prevalent.

As a result, we are now more comfortable with performing tasks online. This has made parents concerned as their kids are getting more and more acquainted with net surfing; on the other hand, employers are worried about the productivity of their organization as employees are working from home. Thus, keeping in mind the need to overcome the negative effects of this scenario, programmers have created a Computer Activity Monitor which is known with different names like Computer Keylogger, Employee Desktop Live Viewer, etc. Though used at various places and with various targets, their function is similar i.e., to monitor or track the activities performed on your computer. These have all existed for a long but in the present scenario, these have become indispensable. Thus, it is recommended to understand the importance of the same rather than regret it later.

In the present blog, we are going to discuss what a computer activity monitor is, its purposes, and its working. We are going to discuss how to track Windows Computer and user activity through monitor.

What is Computer Activity Monitor?

A computer activity monitor is software which is used to record all the activities done on your computer in chronological order whether it be keystrokes, screenshots, the audio recording of the computer’s microphone, text messages or chats or conversations, login and log out details, documents printed, deleted, transferred, or shared, applications used or installed, etc. This record is stored in a form of a record log which you can access anywhere and at any time. It also allows you to see desktop activities in real-time without the knowledge of the user.

What are the functions of Computer Activity Monitor?

This software is mainly for parents and employers to keep an eye on their kids’ and employees’ activities respectively, without their knowledge.

  • Monitoring kids: It will help a parent to know whether your child is visiting healthy and proper sites, his association or connection on social apps, the time he is spending in front of the computer, etc. are the main concerns.
  • Monitoring employees: To keep it’s productivity high and growing, an organization needs to keep a track on working hours, pattern and efficiency of it’s employees. In other words you can say that employee monitoring has become essential. Thus, any organization needs to see if it’s resources are being used for the fruitful purposes without any waste. The security and the need to ensure that there is no leakage of crucial data is also a big concern for organizations.It also helps the organization to decide from the pattern of use of various applications, what applications are needed and what is irrelevant for it. Thus, it helps in cutting a huge expense on the same.
Legal aspects of Computer Activity Monitor

When it comes to the question of whether such stealthy or invisible surveillance of any computer and activities on employees is legal, the answer is yes. If you are the owner of the computer and you are in the capacity of administrator and have access to it as admin, then it is completely legal.

Computer Activity Monitor: To Keep a Record of All Things You Do on The Computer

Kernel Computer Activity Monitor is software specially meant for the purpose of monitoring the activities performed on your computer. It is basically created for organizations and can be used by concerned parents to keep an eye on kids. The interesting thing in its use is that it is invisible to the user of the computer and thus works stealthily without the knowledge of the user.

It can even sense and record the keystrokes of the keyboard thus, help you in keeping a record of login and log out information of the user, recording passwords used, documents or text copied to the clipboard, files or documents selected or typed for print, sites visited, applications used, installed, etc.

It keeps the record of messages texted, text conversation, e-mail and sent or received, attachment sent or received, etc. Further, you can view every e-mail activity which is accessed without the use of a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) connection.

Complete monitoring logs are saved in the HTML format which can be received by you on e-mail, FTP, LAN account.

And it supports Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95.


Keeping a record of all the things done on a computer is essential for security and productivity reasons. And this can be done easily using Computer Activity Monitor software. It is an easy-to-use software that is available as a Free version and Pro version. It can monitor multiple computers simultaneously thus making it very appropriate for large organizations where monitoring is required 24×7.

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