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Summary: The article discusses the increasing reliance on online activities due to recent trends like remote work and online shopping. It introduces the concept of a employee monitoring activity, emphasizing its importance for parents and employers in tracking computer activities. The article highlights its functions, legal aspects, and the features of the Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer. It concludes by underlining the significance of monitoring computer activities for security and productivity.

Recent times have witnessed our inability to access physical locations such as schools, colleges, offices, markets, and workplaces, resulting in a widespread shift towards online activities, including remote work, work from home, and increased online shopping trends.

Consequently, we’ve grown more reliant on online tasks, raising concerns for parents as their children become increasingly immersed in internet activities. Conversely, employers worry about maintaining productivity with remote work arrangements. To address these issues, programmers have developed employee activity monitors, known by various names like Computer Keyloggers and Employee Desktop Live Viewers. Despite their different applications, they share a common function: monitoring and tracking computer activities. While these tools have been available for some time, their significance has surged in today’s context. It’s prudent to appreciate their importance now rather than regretting their absence later.

In the present blog, we are going to discuss what a computer activity monitor is, its purposes, and its working. We are going to discuss how to track Windows Computer and user activity through monitor.

What is Computer Activity Monitor?

A Employee desktop Live Viewer software designed to systematically record all computer activities, including keystrokes, screenshots, audio from the computer’s microphone, text messages, chats, login and logout events, document actions (printing, deletion, sharing), and installed applications. This data is stored as a chronological log that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Additionally, it enables real-time monitoring of desktop activities without the user’s awareness.

What are the functions of Employee Monitoring tool?

Primarily designed for parents and employers, this software allows discreet monitoring of the activities of children and employees, respectively, without their awareness.

  • Monitoring kids: It will help a parent to know whether your child is visiting healthy and proper sites, his association or connection on social apps, the time he is spending in front of the computer, etc. are the main concerns.
  • Monitoring employees: To keep it’s productivity high and growing, an organization needs to keep a track on working hours, pattern and efficiency of it’s employees. In other words you can say that employee monitoring has become essential. Therefore, every organization must ascertain that its resources are utilized efficiently, minimizing wastage. Ensuring data security and preventing critical data leaks are paramount concerns. Additionally, analyzing the usage patterns of various applications aids in determining their relevance, facilitating cost-saving measures.
Legal aspects of Employee Monitoring tool

Regarding the legality of covert or discreet computer surveillance and employee activity monitoring, the answer is affirmative. It is legal when you are the computer owner and possess administrative access rights, allowing you to administer such monitoring operations.

Computer Activity Monitor: To Keep a Record of All Things You Do on The Computer

Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer is software specially meant for the purpose of monitoring the activities performed on your computer. It is basically created for organizations and can be used by concerned parents to keep an eye on kids. The interesting thing in its use is that it is invisible to the user of the computer and thus works stealthily without the knowledge of the user.

It can proficiently detect and record keyboard keystrokes, aiding in the documentation of login and logout details, passwords entered, copied clipboard text, selected or typed documents for printing, visited websites, and both used and installed applications, among other activities.

It maintains records of text messages, text conversations, sent and received emails, and attachments. Moreover, you can access a comprehensive log of email activities, even when they occur without the use of a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection.

Complete monitoring logs are saved in the HTML format which can be received by you on e-mail, FTP, LAN account.

And it supports Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95.


Maintaining a comprehensive record of computer activities is vital for both security and productivity. Achieving this is simple with Employee Monitoring software, which offers user-friendly Free and Pro versions. Its ability to monitor multiple computers concurrently makes it particularly well-suited for large organizations that require continuous 24×7 monitoring.

Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer