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If you are not an IncrediMail user, then you may not be aware of the fact that IncrediMail is going to shut down on March 20, 2020. When the users are opening the IncrediMail website, then they are getting a letter that denotes that-

‘As of March 20, 2020, we will shut down our servers, and the IncrediMail desktop application will no longer be available’.

IncrediMail URL – https://www.incredimail.com/

The letter denotes that sending, receiving, accessing, emails, and contacts are no longer available through IncrediMail. The makers are suggesting that you should take a backup of all your emails and contacts as soon as possible.

Instant Solution

Adopt the Outlook completely with the Kernel for EML to PST Converter tool and move out from the obsolete IncrediMail application.

IncrediMail had various features that attracted the users since its beginning and bought the confidence of more than 4 million users. It had a powerful search tool to search the desired email and a robust address book to create the contact groups and see your favorite contacts frequently. You could check your accessible contacts and assign a display picture to each of your contacts.

Features in Incredimail

Additionally, there were various features in the IncrediMail that have attached the users;

  • Animations
    There are numerous lively animations to add to your email messages.
  • Ecards
    Ecards were present for every occasion that you could access and share with your contacts. You could greet and congratulate your contacts on each of the events, whether it is personal or professional.
  • Experience 3D Effects
    Change your messages into interactive 3D objects like a sailing ship while you send or receive emails.
  • Emoticons
    IncrediMail is one of the earliest email clients that allowed the user of the Emoticons in their email messages. There were more than a thousand emoticons in their collections.
  • Email Backgrounds
    There were a significant number of email backgrounds that you could choose and apply in your emails. These backgrounds made the emails more beautiful and increased the popularity of the IncrediMail email client.
  • Animated Email Notifiers
    There were a ton of cool and animated email notifiers that the users get to receive when they were getting the emails.
  • PhotoMail Maker
    The inbuilt PhotoMail maker in the email client allowed the users to include their images to the emails. There are multiple templates that you could select and input pictures in them. Later, you could add these templates with your images.

Top Alternative for the IncrediMail as Email Client

Now all these features are the thing of the past as you will not use IncrediMail anymore. But you should look forward and find other emails clients that are available, and you can put your older emails in the new clients. Here is the most significant email client from a Major tech giant – Microsoft.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the primary email client that millions of users are using. The name of Microsoft brings a trust level that users believe in, and the features of the application increase business communication. There are various features like offline access of email, enhanced security features for hacking and phishing attacks, better connectivity with any kind of account (IMAP, POP, Exchange), integration of contacts, calendar, multiple email accounts, etc.

To enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Outlook, you need to convert the IncrediMail messages to the Outlook supported format that is PST file. As there is no manual method to convert the messaged directly, so you need to use a different tactic to complete the process;

Step 1. Save the emails from the IncrediMail to EML directly.

Step 2. Convert the EML files to PST.

To convert the EML files to PST, Kernel has brought Kernel for EML to PST Converter that will access the EML files from their locations and save them in the PST format. Here is its step by step procedure;

  1. Download and run the software. Then browse to the location where the EML files are present. You can check the EML files and preview their content.

    EML to PST converter
    Click the Save Option.

  2. Choose whether you want to convert all items or define a conversion rule. Then click Next.Location to save file
  3. Choose to save the option ‘Save in PST,’ then make the selection to either create a new PST file or save in an existing file. In the present example, we have selected the option to create a new PST file. Then click the Browse button.Save as PST
  4. Browse a safe location for the new PST file.
    Browse a safe location
  5. Click OK.
  6. After selecting the PST file, click the Save button.Click on save button
  7. After the full conversion, you will get a full message denoting the location of the new PST file.process completed
  8. Click OK.


There is not much time left in the permanent shut down of IncrediMail, and we have shown you the easy way to convert your files to the PST files. Now do not wait for more and download our software to convert the IncrediMail emails to Outlook PST files.

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