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SQL Server is the most preferred relational database management system of the users which is highly efficient and reliable in managing critical data of organizations. SQL Server provides many advantageous features to its users. One such feature is the use of filegroups; this feature is used to group database files to provide better allocation and database administration. Being a system administrator, you can use filegroup to assign indexes, tables or image, text or ntext data from a particular table to newly created filegroups for each hard drive in the computer.

But sometimes, the process fails to perform table for check and shows the invalid state of a specific filegroup which simply means the server table is damaged. In such a situation the best way is to restore the data with the help of available data backup. In case you don’t possess backup, then there are other ways of fixing the SQL Server corruption. But before going through the other ways of fixing the corruption, let us look at the error message and its probable reasons.

You might encounter the below error message while working with your SQL Server database:

“Unable to process table O_NAME because filegroup F_NAME is invalid.”

Please Note: O_NAME is the name of the table and F_NAME indicates the name of a filegroup. This error is marked as error 2519 in SQL Server error log with a severity level 16.

Reason behind the SQL Error 2519 the problem

The reason behind this error is that the table indexes are marked as existing in the particular filegroup which means the table index is missing from the filegroup. As a result, the database finds itself in an inconsistent state.

Methods to Resolve SQL Error 2519

You can take into account the following methods in order to recover from SQL error 2519.

Method 1: Execute DBCC CHECKTABLE Command

Whenever this error occurs, the first thing you must do is execute the DBCC CHECKDB command to know the severity of database corruption and repair chances. Once you get to know the repair probability, run the same command with the suggested repair. But this may lead to data loss. So, for complete database recovery, use of specialized SQL Recovery software that can identify the cause of corruption and recover every bit of data.

Method 2: Use Professional SQL Database Recovery Software

To get back your SQL database files you need to choose the best professional SQL Database recovery software that is specially designed for safe database file recovery. Hence, the most trusted and recommended solution is Kernel for SQL server recovery software. The software is technically equipped to repair damaged, corrupted or inaccessible database files conveniently.

This software performs deep and complete scanning to provide effective results. The software comes with the self-descriptive interface and requires no prior technical skills to operate this software for successful MDF file recovery.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to recover SQL database files easily:

  1. Install and Run the software
  2. Click Browse button to select corrupt or damaged database files and initiate the recovery process by clicking the Recover button.
    select corrupt or damaged database files
  3. The software begins to retrieve data from database files.
    retrieve data from database files
  4. View the recovered data in the Preview window.
    recovered data in the Preview
  5. Click on the Save button to save data using any of the modes amongst SQL Server and Batch File and click OK to continue.
    click OK to continue
  6. Your database file is successfully saved at the desired location.
    successfully saved at the desired location

Final Words

You can use any of the two methods to resolve SQL error 2519 and safely recovery complete database information back to the MDF file. The software method is very quick and repairs MDF files from almost all versions of SQL Server. If you have queries, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

Kernel for SQL Database Recovery