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How to resolve SQL Error 2519?

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SQL Server is the most preferred relational database systems that enable organizations to reliably manage mission-critical information in easy manner. SQL Server offers many advantageous features to its users. One such feature is the use of file groups; this feature is used to group database files in order to provide better allocation and database administration.

With this useful feature of filegrouping, a database administrator can assign indexes, tables or image, text or ntext data from a particular table to the specified file group. But sometimes, SQL Server shows the invalid state of a specific filegroup .As a result, it fails to process the table for check.  Such situation is an indication of sever table corruption.

At the time of any type of SQL Server crises, the best way to restore the data is from the available and valid data backup. In case you don’t posses backup, then there are other ways of fixing the SQL Server corruption. But before going through the other ways of fixing the corruption, let us look at the error message and its causes.

You might encounter the below error message while dealing with your SQL Server database:

Unable to process table O_NAME because filegroup F_NAME is invalid.

Where, O_NAME is the name of table and F_NAME denotes the name of filegroup. This error is marked as error 2519 in SQL Server error log with severity level 16.

Reason and Work around of the problem

The reason behind this error is that the table indexes are marked as existing in the particular filegroup. But actually the table index is missing from the filegroup. As a result, database finds itself in an inconsistent state.

Whenever this error occurs, the first thing you must do is to check hardware components. For this, analyze the Windows, System, Application and SQL Server logs thoroughly and troubleshoot them accordingly. If the problem still persists, then execute the DBCC CHECKDB command to know the extent of database corruption and repair clause. Once you get the repair clause, run the same command with the suggested repair clause. But this may lead to data loss. So, for complete database recovery, use of specialized SQL Recovery is required that can identify the cause of corruption and recover every bit of data.

Kernel for SQL is result oriented and powerful SQL repair software that helps you to recover data at the time of SQL data crises. This software performs deep and complete scanning to provide effective results. Kernel for SQL comes with self descriptive interface and so, no prior technical skills are required to operate this software for successful MDF recovery.

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