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The Database Administrator can run several commands on the tables of the created databases. Generally, the Administrator runs a command sequentially. But, if two different types of commands are run simultaneously on a single table, it will affect the structure of the table. Furthermore, it can delete or corrupt the data.

The DBCC DBREINDEX is a transactional-SQL command that reconstructs one or more indexes for a table in the SQL database file. Additionally, DBCC SHRINKDATABASE is a T-SQL command used to shrink the size of the data and register files in the particular database. In case both these commands are executed at the same time on a particular table, it is subjected to corruption. Therefore, with corruption issues, if the user is not having any back up, he can recover the table by utilizing effective SQL recovery software.

Hence, when a user performs DBCC DBREINDEX at the same time with DBCC SHRINKDATABASE on a table, he is subjected to the error message mentioned below:

Table Corrupt: Object ID 0, index ID 0, page ID (1:623). PageId in the page header = (0:0).

Reason behind the issue – The above mentioned error message stops the entire shrinking operation thereby making the table corrupt. The cause of corruption and emergence of the error message is that the user executes the shrink database and re-indexing operations at the same time.

Solution – In order to prevent SQL from this problem, the user needs to reschedule the operation, i.e. to run the operations at different times thereby turning off the auto shrink option. Also, to resolve the error mentioned above, the user would have to perform DBCC CHECKDB command with repair_allow_data_loss option. Still there are chances that the command reports that the error has been fixes although it is not. Hence, the user is suggested to restore the table from the recent back up. If the user has not maintained any back up, then he needs to perform efficient SQL server recovery.

SQL Recovery is efficient and well-known Microsoft SQL Server recovery software developed intricately to ensure SQL database recovery. This software utility can repair and restore SQL components including tables, queries, views, triggers and stored procedures by making use of influential scanning methods. The software is secure and non-destructive SQL database recovery software which offers interactive user interface making the entire process easy to understand and perform.

The SQL repair software can effectively recover important data from MS SQL Server and supports MS SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2005 and MS SQL Server 2000. Moreover, it supports performing on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000.


Whenever corruption occurs in the database, you should not wait for the corruption to spread as it can affect other tables of the database that have a relationship with it. Kernel for SQL Database software can repair the complete database present in the MDF file and retrieve every single item present in each cell. The dependencies and relationships will also be protected.

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