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Summary: The article addresses SQL Server Management Studio users encountering error 10038, preventing server connection. Possible causes include unsuccessful VPN or proxy server connections. Solutions involve TDatabase parameter CANCEL QUERY or using ODBC driver. For SQL data corruption, tools like SQL Database Recovery offer efficient recovery, ensuring seamless data retrieval.

Upon launching Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, the application establishes a connection with SQL Server, enabling users to access and work on databases. However, there are instances when users encounter an error message: “Unmapped SQL error code 10038 – Attempt to initiate new SQL server operation with results pending,” hindering their ability to open the application.

While the application itself may open, it fails to establish a connection with the SQL Server.

SQL error code 10038 typically does not disrupt existing processes, yet it complicates users’ attempts to connect to the server and initiate new processes. When faced with this error, it’s essential to investigate its root cause before attempting a resolution. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the reasons behind and solutions for SQL error code 10038.

Reasons SQL Error Code 10038

  • One of the possible causes of this error is an unsuccessful connection to the server through VPN or proxy server, or both. If you debug the BDE code representing dialup connection to a server, you will find the server is failing with the 10038 error. It fails whenever the single MS DBLIB function calls to connect to the server. If you try to do some action against the server like executing some SQL statements (DML, DDL), it results in this error.
  • Another cause of this error can be the failure of the application fails to call dbresults until it gets NO_MORE_RESULTS. You may get this error message with the process when it is used next time.
Solutions to Resolve Unmapped SQL Error Code 10038

There are two possible workarounds that can be implemented to resolve this error.

  • Use the TDatabase parameter CANCEL QUERY (dbcanquery). Dbcancel query is helpful in situations when MSSQL server is unable to process a “dbcancel” of pending results which can be a reason for getting this error.
  • Use ODBC driver for establishing the connection with the server as it does not use DBLIB, which is responsible for this error.
What to do if SQL Data is Inaccessible Due to Database Corruption?

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