Ways to Fix Mac Outlook 2011 Error Code 17199

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Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients, which was originally developed for Windows users to manage their emails smartly. It stores all data, such as emails, calendars, contacts, etc. & manages it efficiently. The success of the original Outlook led to the development of other operating systems. Therefore, Microsoft Outlook 2011 is now available for Mac users , making business dealings considerably simpler, easier, and quicker.

Microsoft Outlook 2011 is prone to OLM file corruption issues and one such complex issue that users face is Outlook 2011 Error Code 17199. With this error code popping up, you are unable to send any message or email in Mac Outlook.

To help you fix the error code 17199 in Mac Outlook, we will help you go through the possible causes of occurrence and quick resolving solutions in eliminating this error from your system.

What is Error Code 17199 in Outlook?

As Outlook 2011 Error 17199 prevails in your system, this error message confirms its existence.
“An unknown error occurred in Outlook. A message in Outlook could not be sent. The account that created the message cannot be found. Error code: – 17199”

With the occurrence of this error, the user is unable to send emails in Microsoft Outlook 2011. There may be a variety of reasons for this error. But the primary cause is when the OLM files are corrupted due to a malware attack at the OLM file location in Outlook for Mac application and affecting the integrity of data file, & Microsoft Outlook 2011 cannot read them.

Reasons for Existence of Error Code 17199 in Mac Outlook

There are a variety of reasons that can cause the error 17199 to prevail in your system. These include:

  • Crashing of Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Virus, ransomware, and malware attacks on your system.
  • Improper installation of Microsoft Outlook in your system.
  • An unexpected power failure caused Mac Outlook to crash.
  • Media Storage Corruption.
  • System crash or network failure.
  • In cases, the OLM files are imported into Outlook for Windows without any format change.
  • Oversized OLM files issues.
Top Ways to Fix Outlook 2011 Error Code 17199
Enter The Username & Password Again

To resolve the error 17199, you need to enter your Outlook 2011 account credentials again and restart the software. To do so, follow the steps below.

  • Access Outlook 2011 on your Mac.
  • Go to the Tools option & tap on the option Accounts.
  • From the left pane, choose your email account in the upcoming window.
  • Type up your Email Address & Password.
  • Check for the Outgoing server & Incoming server settings.
  • Now, exit the window and restart the software.
  • You can now check for the prevalence of error by sending an email in Outlook. In case, the error still prevails, go for the next solution.

Checking the Internet Connectivity

If the error code 17199 exists in Outlook 2011, then it can be due to the issues in internet connectivity. So, the user needs to check the network & internet connectivity. If this is not checked, the Mac Outlook email service will not be accessible. Now, one simply needs to log into one of the web emails accounts such as Gmail or Google + to verify whether the user can connect to the web services or not.

If it is working, then the internet connectivity might not be the issue. In case the internet connectivity is the issue, you need to contact your Internet service provider and resolve all the connectivity issues causing OLM file corruption.

Remove all Emails from the Outlook Folder

To troubleshoot the Error Code 17199 in Outlook 2011, you can delete all the emails from the Mac Outlook 2011 folder and eliminate all such OLM file errors. You can remove the entire mail outbox & select the option Send/Receive. After deleting all the mails and sending a sample email, check whether the error is fixed or not.

Microsoft Database Utility Use

Microsoft database utility is the in-built tool of MS Office that rebuilds the Office database, creates a new identity, & sets the default identity. With this tool, the users have also fixed Outlook for Mac not syncing with exchange server problem. To fix the Outlook 2011 Error Code 17199, you can use the Microsoft database utility tool easily. Here is how to use this tool.

  • Go to the location: /Applications/Microsoft Office/Office/
  • Access the Microsoft Database Utility on your Mac.
  • As you begin the tool, it will start scanning the corrupted OLM files and any OLM file-related errors.
  • After successfully detecting the issue, it self-repairs them in a matter of seconds.
  • Once the repair is done, restart the PC and check for the existence of the error.
  • Note: To troubleshoot the error 17199 in Mac Outlook, you can also rename your existing identity & even create a new identity with the Microsoft Database Utility.

All these above manual methods are not reliable enough and do not guarantee permanent troubleshooting of this OLM file corruption issue i.e., Outlook 2011 Error Code 17199. To give you the best reliable solution for all such OLM file corruption issues, you must use Kernel for OLM to PST Tool.

The Instant Solution

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Closing Thoughts

Our blog includes all the aspects related to Error Code 17199 ranging from the causes of its occurrence to the easy resolving solutions of this OLM corruption problem. With these above methods, you can quickly get rid of this error in Mac Outlook 2011. You just need to follow these solutions step by step. Aside from these methods, it is advisable to keep the KernelApps OLM file converter tool as your Go-To repairing tools for all such OLM file errors.

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