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As someone who works with multiple teams spanning different time zones, keeping up with conversations & notifications on Microsoft Teams can be overwhelming. I found myself struggling to sift through a never-ending list of chats that make it difficult to find the most important conversations.

That’s when I discovered the powerful features of Microsoft Teams that help you organize chats, including hiding, pinning & filtering. In this post, I’ll be sharing my personal experience & expertise on how to use these features effectively. By the end, you’ll be able to filter your conversations & boost productivity on Teams.

How to hide a chat in MS Teams?

To hide a chat in Microsoft Teams, look at the steps below.

  • Click on the Chats icon on the left side bar.
  • Tap on the three (…) dots on the side of the conversation you want to hide. Click on Hide.Click on Hide
  • You can always resume an old conversation that you have hidden that has been hidden until you post a new message to it.

In case you feel stressed with hiding chats, you can also delete your Teams Chats and keep a prior backup of your Microsoft Teams data.

How to unhide a chat?

Can we unhide a chat in Teams? Yes, for sure but you need to go through a few different steps to do so.

  • In the Search bar, type up the name of the hidden chat. Click on Show hidden chat history.Click on Show hidden chat history
  • The chat conversation will now be visible in the chats list. Click on the three (…) dots and go for the option Unhide.Click on the three  dots
How to pin a chat?

You can easily pin your important chats so that they stay at the top of your chat list. Here is how we can pin a chat in Microsoft Teams.

  • Tap on the Chats icon.
  • For your favorite conversation to be pinned, click on the three (…) dots & choose the option Pin.choose the option Pin

Note: You can unpin your conversation following the same steps, but you need to go for the option Unpin.

How to filter a chat?

Too many chat conversations on your list? Stuck with finding the right one? You have the Filter option in Microsoft Teams. Use the option (i) Filter by name; (ii) Filter by type. Follow the steps given below.

  • On the Microsoft Teams chat dashboard, look for the Filter icon on the top of your chat screen. Tap on it to use the option “Filter by name”. Search for your chat and you are done.Filter by name
  • To use the option “Filter by type”, tap on the three (…) dots as shown below. You will find different filters namely, Unread, Chats, Meetings and Muted. Choose the appropriate filter.Choose the appropriate filter

Last thoughts

Microsoft Teams is a powerful communication tool that can improve collaboration in your organization. By mastering the ability to hide, pin & filter chats in Teams, you can further improve your Teams experience & stay organized.

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Q. What happens when you hide a chat in Microsoft teams?

A. When you hide a chat in Microsoft Teams, the conversation will be removed from your list of active chats. This means that you will not receive new messages & notifications from the chat until you unhide it. But the chat history will still be available & can be accessed via the search function. 

Q. How to pin a file in Microsoft Teams?

A. In Microsoft Teams, you can pin all your important files to the top of the files list in a channel. Go to the Files tab & choose the file you want to pin. Then, click on Show actions and the option choose Pin to top.