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Summary: AOL, a widely-used browser-based email platform, necessitates PST backups due to its limitations. This article outlines manual and professional methods. Manual steps involve configuring AOL with Outlook, while professionals opt for the Kernel IMAP Backup Tool, which offers secure, format-flexible, and unrestricted backup options.

AOL stands as a highly popular browser-based email application, housing messages, contacts, files, tasks, bookmarks, and various valuable data, all accessible from any location.

Numerous business professionals rely on AOL as their email client but frequently encounter obstacles during its use due to certain drawbacks. Considering the importance of securing AOL data, it becomes essential to establish a backup system. In this blog post, we will explore this topic in detail, outlining both manual and professional methods to effectively create a backup of AOL emails in Outlook PST format, all while ensuring data integrity.

Reasons for exporting AOL mails to emails

How to export AOL email to PST?

To create a backup of AOL emails in PST, we have both manual and professional methods. Both tissues have their pros and cons.

Manual method to export AOL email to PST

To back up AOL emails to PST, it is required to configure an AOL account in Outlook and export the AOL data.

Step 1: Configure AOL email with Outlook
  • Open Outlook and log in to your account.
  • Open Outlook. Click on File; select Account Settings> Account Settings. select Account Settings
  • On the Account Settings page, click the Email tab and select the New the New option
  • On the Add Account page, check the box Manual setup or additional server types option. Click Next.Click Next
  • Select POP or IMAP from the available options. Click Next to add AOL to Outlook.Click Next to add AOL to Outlook
  • Update all the information in the Add Account Window. Make sure to check the box, Remember password to prevent entering AOL mail password every time accessing the account in Outlook.
  • Select More Settings.Select More Settings
  • Under the Outgoing Server tab, check the box, My outgoing server requires authentication.My outgoing server requires authentication
  • Under the Advanced tab, enter 587 in ‘Outgoing server (SMTP).’ Click OK and exit.Click OK and exit
  • Click on Finish. Click Close.
Step 2: Export AOL mails with Import/Export Wizard
  • In Outlook, go to the File tab.go to the File
  • Select the option Open & Export and click on Import/ on Import/Export
  • In the Import/Export wizard, select Export to a file and click Next
  • Select Outlook data file(.pst) and click Next.
  • Select the folders from the mentioned list and save the PST file to the desired location.
Drawbacks of manually exporting AOL to PST
  • The manual method is feasible only for one or two AOL mailboxes.
  • Huge risk of data loss if the process gets interrupted.
  • It is quite a lengthy process that requires technical knowledge.
Professional method to export AOL to PST

The manual approach presents significant drawbacks and a heightened risk of data loss, which discourages its use for creating backups of AOL emails. Consequently, it is advisable to opt for professional methods or third-party tools to ensure a safe and secure export process. A notable example of such a professional tool is the Kernel IMAP Backup Tool. This versatile tool excels at creating backups of IMAP emails in multiple formats, including PST, EML, MSG, MHT, HTML, DOC, DOCX, and PDF. Notably, it enables the export of all AOL mailbox items to PST without imposing any file size limitations or time constraints. Furthermore, the tool offers intelligent filtering options, facilitating selective migration as needed.


AOL Mail enjoys widespread popularity as an email client, but when it comes to email backup, it’s necessary to export them into PST format. This article provides a concise overview of how to export AOL emails to PST using both manual and professional methods. The manual approach is suitable for cases where the AOL mailbox contains a limited number of items, and the user possesses sufficient familiarity with Outlook. However, for a safe and secure option, the recommended choice is to utilize a third-party tool like Kernel IMAP Backup for a successful AOL migration.

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