Repair Corrupt Exchange EDB

Repair EDB File

Kernel for Exchange Recovery is a complete solution for recovering data from corrupt EDB files. The two recovery modes; Standard Scan and Advanced Scan ensure that any kind of EDB file which any level of corruption and belonging to any Exchange Server version can be used to recover data from them. If the selected EDB file is severely corrupted and the user chooses Standard Scan mode, the software automatically switches to Advance Scan mode. However, it asks for the permission from the user and also requires the user to select the Exchange version of the corrupt EDB file.

The software not only restores data from the corrupt EDB file but also generates report related to the items recovered. This way the software reduces the overhead of the system administrator by enabling him to develop report of the items recovered. The report so generated is saved in HTML format. Information like serial number of the item, source EDB folder, target PST folder, total copied items, status, etc. are noted in the report. The report can be used for getting a quick overview of the items recovered.


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