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Kernel offers complete monitoring solutions for individual as well as enterprises. Users can monitor computer monitors as well as employee activities using them.

Kernel Computer Activity Monitor

Kernel Computer Activity Monitor helps in monitoring computer activities like keystrokes, internet activity, and more.

  • Monitors all user activities including keystrokes, mouse movements, etc.
  • Tracks internet activities like pages visited, browsing history, etc.
  • Takes screenshot at specified time intervals.
  • Option to schedule monitoring at specified time periods.
  • Monitors email activities and applications accessed.
Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer

Kernel Employee Desktop Live Viewer is an advanced solution to monitor employee desktops. This utility also records employee activities and saves them to allow you to watch later.

  • Live screen monitoring to view employee desktop activities.
  • Allows to schedule monitoring on multiple PCs.
  • Takes screenshots of employee’s activities & saves them in AVI format.
  • Uninterrupted surveillance even after restarting the computer.
  • Works secretly on employee desktops.
Kernel for NSF Local Security Removal

Kernel for NSF Local Security Removal software removes local security and access privileges from NSF files effortlessly. It precisely fixes Notes error “You are not authorized to access database” and “You are not authorized to perform that operation” for easy access to NSF files.

  • Removes local security from NSF files in a single click
  • Allows to open and edit the NSF files without restrictions
  • Keeps structure and integrity of NSF files unchanged
  • Offers a unique ‘Undo’ feature to undo the removal
  • Facilitates free local security removal for files upto 5 MB
  • Has smooth and interactive user-interface for easy use Read more...
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