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Migrate OLM to Office 365

Migrate OLM to Office 365 Migrate all Outlook for Mac data files, including mailbox folders like inbox, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, and address books, to Office 365. This tool ensures seamless access to OLM files in Office 365.

Protection of email integrity

Protection of email integrity The new mailbox upholds email integrity, retaining critical details from the original message, including sender, recipient, message body, hyperlinks, subjects, attachments, date, and time received, signature, Cc, and Bcc, ensuring an accurate transfer.

Two login options

Two login options Connect Office 365 mailboxes with two login methods: basic and modern authentications. Basic login utilizes straightforward user credentials (email address and password), while modern authentication employs Client Secret ID, Client Secret Value, and Tenant ID for a secure account connection.

Migrate unlimited OLM files

Migrate unlimited OLM files Adaptable to diverse OLM migration requirements, the specialized software allows the selection of multiple OLM files. Without limitations on quantity, the software migrates all the chosen data files with efficiency.

Apply filters

Apply filters Customize mailbox content with versatile filters, including date and item type filters, exclusion of deleted or empty folders, and more. Utilize checkboxes for convenient selection or deselection of various folders.

Migrate to Office 365 Groups directly

Migrate to Office 365 Groups directly Effortlessly migrate data into your created Office 365 groups by using email addresses associated with group members. The software manages the process, ensuring a smooth and efficient transfer.

Automated migration using CSV file

Automated migration using CSV file Automate OLM file migration using the software's support for a specialized comma-separated value file. Input OLM file path and Office 365 email account credentials for streamlined and efficient migration.

Map the OLM and Office 365 accounts

Map the OLM and Office 365 accounts Ensure effective migration by mapping each OLM file to the appropriate Office 365 account. Utilize a simple dropdown list in our software to connect each OLM file with its designated destination mailbox.

How to Migrate Mac OLM files to Office 365

Kernel Mac OLM to Office 365 migrates data by selecting OLM files from their folders, completing the process in just three straightforward steps.

Add the OLM files from their locations.
Map the OLM files and destination accounts.
Apply filters and start the migration.
Frequently asked question
The software takes the simplest approach to convert OLM files to Office 365 through its simplest steps-
  1. Launch the software and click "Add" in the source section to include OLM files. Repeat the same for the destination section.
  2. Choose a login method (basic or modern authentication), input information, and add mailboxes.
  3. Select Office 365 mailboxes, mapping both OLM files and destination mailboxes. Utilize "Set Filter and Migrate."
  4. Choose the migration type (mailbox, archive, or public folder) and initiate by clicking "Migrate."
  5. Apply desired filters on the Filter Selection page, then start migration by clicking "Start Migration."
  6. Migration begins, transferring all content. Once completed, you will receive a message of success.

On the login page, where all mailboxes are listed, employ the search mailbox option. Type the mailbox name and utilize checkboxes to select it. This feature allows you to choose multiple mailboxes efficiently.

The CSV file's structure preserves source and destination information, eliminating the need to map them again. If desired, you can make changes using the dropdown option.

Yes, you can change the content present in various columns and use the CSV file again.

Yes, during the mapping process, you can select a single Office 365 account for various OLM files. Each OLM file will migrate to the same account separately.

Software Prerequisites & recommendations

About SoftwareAbout Software

Version: 22.0

Release Date: Nov 2019

License Type: Home, Corporate & Technician

Version SupportVersion Support

Outlook for Mac – Outlook for Mac 2016 16.53.1 and all previous versions.

System RequirementsSystem Requirements

Hard Disk: 150 MB of disk space

Memory: 4 GB Minimum

Processor: Mac computer with Intel processor (JDK is required)

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.8 and above