Simply Open VHD/VHDX file

A VHD, or Virtual Hard Disk, is a file format associated with virtualized hard drives, closely resembling physical hard drives within a computer system. A VHD can contain partitions, file systems, and more. There are numerous advantages to using Virtual Hard Disks, such as protection from viruses and other malicious content, enabling backup and recovery functions, and facilitating the coexistence of multiple operating systems within a single host machine, along with seamless data transfer between them, among other benefits.

If you're seeking software to view VHD files, consider using Kernel VHD/VHDX Viewer. This software is a product of Kernel Data Recovery and has been crafted with advanced technology to enable the viewing of both healthy and corrupted VHD files.

With the help of Kernel VHD viewer, you can view:
  • Single or Multiple files that a VHD file contains
  • Healthy or Corrupted VHD Files.
  • Deleted files.
  • All files at once, listed in the same place.
  • Files from failed virtual machines .
  • In the software itself, without having to download it.
  • The files from a selected partition, which you can search or go with the default one.

There is no limit to the size of the file; the tool is so powerful that it can open even the largest-sized files. To understand the working of the VHD/VHDX Viewer software, let us have a step-by-step demonstration.

  1. To start the process, click on the Select button. start the process
  2. Now select the desired VHD/VHDX file and click on Open. select the desired VHD/VHDX
  3. Select the mode of the scan; if the file is healthy, go for the Quick scan mode. You can also go for Extensive Scan and File Trace as per your scanning requirement and corruption level. mode of the scan
  4. Select the virtual hard disk and click on Next. Select the virtual hard disk
  5. In the partition type dialogue box, select from the available options and click on Ok. select from the available options
  6. In this step, you will get the partition information, select the partition and the information will be shown on the screen, check the info and click on Scan. select the partition
  7. Now the software will show you all files and folders that your VHD file has got. If not, then you need to go back to the first step and select Extensive scan or File trace as your scanning preference and follow all the steps again. select Extensive scan
  8. Select the file or folder to view its content, and this is how the tool works Select the file to view its content
Kernel for VHD Recovery Box
Kernel forVHD/VHDX Viewer

Opens and View healthy or corrupt Virtual Hard Disk files