In today’s world, having a business card is still a necessary tool for networking and making connections. With MS Outlook, you can easily create and attach a business card to your emails. The process is simple and straightforward and allows you to choose from a range of card layouts, images, contact fields, and graphics to customize your card to your needs.

Be it a business owner or a working professional, this feature can come in handy when you want to share your contact information with others. So why not take advantage of this convenient tool and create your own professional business card today in MS Outlook 2016? Follow our guide to get insights on how to create a business card in MS Outlook.

Steps to create business card using MS-Outlook

  1. In MS Outlook, go to the Home tab. In the New Items group, select the Contact option. Select the Contact option
  2. To create a business card, click the Business Card box. Click the Business Card box.
  3. In the Edit Business card box, under Card Design, provide the details like layout, image, image area (in percentage), and image align information. Edit Business card box option
    • A particular color can be selected using the Background option.
    • To add an image and logo, just select the image option to select images, size it and position as per your convenience.
    • To add and remove different stuff, you can use the Fields option.
      • If you want to remove an item, then go to Fields, and click Remove.
      • Positioning the text on the card is also quite easy: click any field under the Fields option, and by using the UP and DOWN arrows on the keyboard, place the field anywhere you want it.

Add or edit an image in the business card

The Electronic Business Card in Outlook not only incorporates the business details but also an image to make it more attractive. This is how you can add an image to the business card.

  1. After opening the Outlook, go to Contacts and open it. go to Contacts and open it
  2. Click View, then go to Change view and choose the Business card option. choose the Business card option
  3. Choose the business card whose profile picture you want to change and double-click it. change and double-click it
  4. You can either double-click on the picture icon or choose Options > Picture > Add Picture. choose Options > Picture > Add Picture
  5. Browse the picture that you want to have on the Business Card and add. It will be the display picture, and whenever you add the Business card, the selected Picture will be on its profile. selected Picture would be on its profile

Steps to save business card you receive

Whenever you receive a Business Card in an email message, you will have to save this Business Card to your Outlook contacts. If your contact list already includes a contact with the same name, you’ll have the option to update the existing contact or create a new one.

  1. In Outlook, double-click the Business Card in the open message to open it. You can see it will open as an Outlook Contact.
  2. Now click Save and Close to save the Business Card to your Contacts folder.

Note- You can also update the information of selected Contact

Steps to send business cards using email

Business Cards can be shared with contacts and others using email messages. This card fulfills the purpose of sharing corporate or personal visual identity like a paper business card. If the user is using MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007, then the business card will appear exactly as the sender has sent it.

  1. Firstly include a Business Card in an email message
  2. In a new message, click on Attach Item and select Business Card which you want to share, and then click a name in the list
  3. Click the OK button to send the Email.

Note- With versions earlier than Outlook 2007, the user will see the business card as an image. But a .vcf file is attached with the business card. The .vcf file can be opened and information will be saved in the contact list.

Benefits of using Outlook business cards

  1. It is absolutely free.
  2. It can be forwarded multiple times.
  3. Can have clickable links.
  4. Only the email address is needed to send the business card.
  5. Changes can be performed in seconds.
  6. It is accessible from the email.
  7. Recipient does not need any app to open the business card.

Last say

A professional business card in MS Outlook can enhance your networking opportunities and promote your brand. Remember to include all necessary contact information and keep the design simple yet eye-catching. If, by any chance, you encounter any issues with your Outlook PST file, we highly recommend using the Kernel for Outlook PST Repair tool.

This easy-to-use software is specifically designed to fix any corruption issues in the PST file so that no data is lost. With the tool, you can confidently continue using your Outlook account without any worries.