What benefits does the tool give to you?
Migrate to the respective folders

Migrate to the respective folders The software asks the user to map source G Suite and destination Amazon WorkMail accounts. No further action is required to adjust the mailbox data as each folder will migrate towards its respective folder.

Support to all email protocols

Support to all email protocols G Suite and WorkMail support different protocols, and our software supports all their email protocols. It helps in accommodating the data better in the destination WorkMail accounts.

Migrate to all AWS Regions

Migrate to all AWS Regions Our software can migrate the G Suite data to all AWS Regions, including North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. It can connect with various zones also.

No intervention with AWS policies

No intervention with AWS policies After the migration, the new data in WorkMail will have the same availability and durability features promised by Amazon Web Services. The migration will not affect Amazon Web Services in any way.

Improved data availability

Improved data availability When the subscription of G Suite is reaching an end, you can quickly migrate to Amazon WorkMail and keep the mailbox active. Managing a WorkMail account is economical than a G Suite subscription plan.

Swift migration

Swift migration The well-designed software with its deep algorithm recognizes the complexities of both platforms and migrates quickly—the migration is fast enough to complete it in minutes.

Salient Features

Kernel G Suite to Amazon WorkMail offers various features, as presented below.

Full G Suite to Amazon WorkMail Migration

Full G Suite to Amazon WorkMail Migration You get full assurance of getting a complete migration from G Suite mailboxes to Amazon WorkMail. After connecting with the server, the tool maps both source and destination accounts and, at the filter page, shows each folder of the mailbox. It includes all the folders from the mailbox and migrates them to their respective folder at the destination account’s folder.

Migrate mailbox, archive mailbox, and public folder

Migrate mailbox, archive mailbox, and public folder Apart from the primary mailbox of the G Suite account, you can choose the archive mailbox and public folder also. The same options are available at the destination WorkMail account too. You can choose any of the folders and migrate conveniently. You only need to choose the folder type before applying the filters.

Migrate unlimited mailboxes

Migrate unlimited mailboxes The Super Administrator of G Suite can sign in to the software and choose all the subordinate mailboxes for migration. The complete data, metadata, properties, and permissions will migrate along with. The software will maintain the entire structure of folders.

Effective mapping

Effective mapping As soon as you select G Suite and WorkMail accounts, the software shows you a mapping option. You can use a drop-down present at the destination account side and choose the correct account for the source mailbox. The source account should be mapped with the respective destination account.

Advanced filters

Advanced filters The filter options limit the migration to important data of the G Suite mailbox only. You can deselect folders, apply date range and type filter, migrate the entire data hierarchy in a new folder, and skip previously migrated items. Using these advanced filters, you can increase the efficacy and speed of migration job.

Migration report in CSV format

Migration report in CSV format After a migration job gets completed, the software shows a successful message and saves the migration report in CSV file format. You can save the file in any folder and access it to check the status of G Suite items.

FAQs of G Suite to Amazon WorkMail
The process to complete the migration requires a minimum number of steps in the tool-
  1. Add the G Suite account in the source section using G Suite account login ID, service account ID, and a P 12 key.
  2. Add the Amazon WorkMail using the origin domain name, account email ID, and Password.
  3. Map both source and destination accounts.
  4. Choose between primary mailbox, archive mailbox, and public folder.
  5. Apply various filters.
  6. The migration will complete within minutes.
  7. You can save the migration report in CSV format.
Yes, if you add only a single account for migration, then also you will need to map it with the destination account.
Software will not go to the next step if you do not map the accounts properly.
Yes, the data will migrate to their respective folders only. Emails will go to email-based folders. Contacts will go to contacts. The calendar will go to the calendar.
Yes, you can choose contacts in filters and leave other mailbox content.
Amazon charges $4.00/user per month. The account gets 50 GB of storage space for the mailbox. There is no advance fee, minimum commitments, or long-term contract.
P 12 is the private key for the G Suite account. It secures the account by providing an encrypted key that removes the need for any account password.
The three regions are US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), and Europe (Ireland).
How it Works?
HOW IT WORKS? Kernel G Suite to Amazon WorkMail

The software can migrate unlimited mailbox content from G Suite to WorkMail in simple steps.

Add G Suite as a source and Amazon WorkMail

Software Prerequisites & Recommendations

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About G Suite to Amazon WorkMail

  • Version: 22.1
  • Release Date: Jan 2022
  • License Type: Number of Mailbox

System Requirements

  • Hard Disk

    50 MB of disk space

  • Memory

    128 MB Minimum

  • Processor

    Intel® Pentium Processor compatible (x86, x64) or equivalent

  • Operating System

    Windows OS Platforms - Windows 365, 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, NT and 95 Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, 2003 R2, 2003

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