Employee Desktop Live Viewer

A complete multi-system monitoring tool to monitor your employees’ activities

  • View all on-going desktop activities – both Live and Offline
  • Multi-screen monitoring – No limitations of computers in use
  • Keeps a track of all visited websites/applications etc
  • Secretly installs the Agent Setup – locally or remotely
  • Delegate monitoring rights to an Admin Viewer
  • Scheduled offline recording and save to AVI format
  • Play a video of previous recordings by specific time
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Features of Employee Desktop Live Viewer

Invisible Mode

Our application is a remote access solution, which can be installed secretly and is very convenient to record all visited websites, history of application, or any other events on the computers of the users. This product is difficult to trace even in the All Programs menu and it cannot be removed by the user.

Live & Dual-Screen Monitoring

Our tool provides you with the facility to view live activities of any employees’ screen along with an option to schedule offline recording. Live screens of multiple computers can also be viewed at the same time. Even if the user is working on two different windows, then both the screens can be monitored simultaneously.

Un-interrupted Surveillance

There is no need to restart the tool each time when the employees’ system shuts down and re-boots again. The tool is programmed to offer uninterrupted surveillance and automatically starts monitoring activities right from the moment an employee’s system starts.

Scheduled Monitoring

You can monitor all the activities of your employees even when you are not present in your office with the help of Schedule Monitoring functionality. This Computer Monitoring tool gives you the flexibility to set a time for monitoring and the tool will automatically start recording activity for the scheduled period and saves the same in AVI format, which later can be easily viewed as per your convenience.

Multi-Screen Monitoring

There is no limitation to the number of computers that you can monitor with this tool. The agents can be installed on any number of computers simultaneously and all ongoing activities on these systems can be monitored at once on a single viewer screen.


All activities that are recorded other than live monitoring are stored as screenshots from the systems which are under surveillance. These are taken from user screens and are sequentially stored as .PNG file and can be later imported as recording in AVI format.

Steps to use Employee Desktop Live Viewer

The software comes with two setup files first is called Viewer which is installed on administrators system to view employees desktop, and the other one is called Agent installed on employees system which allows administrator to view employees desktop. Now, here are the steps, you would require to follow to perform employee desktop monitoring using this:

In first step, after installation of tool, the software will ask you to register the computers you want to monitor. Register all the computers you want to monitor providing their IP addresses.

Select registration mode

After registration, install Agent application on registered systems. Select computers on which you want to install the Agent provided you have admin rights.

Install agent application on registered systems

After Agent installation on the registered computers, select the computers to monitor from registered computers list. As soon as you select the computers for monitoring, the below given screen will appear showing desktop activities on all selected systems.

Select the computers to monitor from registered computers list
FAQs - Employee Desktop Live Viewer
Is there any chance that user gets to know about being monitored?

No, The tool works in invisible mode and runs in the background. This product is difficult to trace even in the All Programs menu and it cannot be removed by the user. User stays completely unaware about any kind of monitoring activity

Does the software allow monitoring of several computers at the same time?

Yes. You can monitor as many computer systems as you want at the same time. You can view activities of all the computers on a single screen or you can also view them individually.

What if I am not available to monitor live activities of my users?

Even if you are not present on your seat you can use “Offline/Schedule recording” option. The tool will record all the activities for the provided time period in AVI format that can be viewed at your own convenience.

Does Employee Desktop Live Viewer software allow dual screen monitoring of a single computer?

Yes. If a user has opened two different windows for different tasks, you can actually monitor both windows on a single computer.

What are the limitations of the Free trial version?

The Free trial version of the tool allows you to monitor one computer for a period of 7 days. You can use the trial to test all the features and functionality before purchasing the application.

Do I get Technical Support for the product?

Technical Support Engineers are available 24x7 for live support. You can request for a product demo or you can reach us for any assistance regarding installation or working of the tool. Support and Maintenance are free for lifetime.

Supported Versions
  • FoxBase All Versions
  • FoxPro All Versions
  • Visual FoxPro All Versions
  • dBASE III, dBASE IV, and dBASE 5 for Windows
Basic Requirements
  • Memory - 64 MB
  • Disk Space - 10 MB of Free Space
  • OS - Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 (up to Service Pack 4), Windows XP (up to Service Pack 3), Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
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