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It is a known trend to move desktop email applications and servers to a cloud destination, especially the Office 365 platform. This is due to many services and advantages offered by the platform like none other cloud platforms which includes email and collaboration services as a special boon.

Office 365 has become the most popular platform for the majority of businesses to manage their professional emails and other data. It is a subscription-based service from Microsoft, which allows you to use many cloud applications including Exchange Online.

When all your data is on the cloud, then it saves you from maintaining an on-premises Exchange Server. Microsoft takes the total responsibility of maintaining your data, which is accessible on any device through the Internet.

Why should you choose to migrate to Office 365?

There are several reasons which put Office 365 at the forefront of cloud platforms available in the market. It increases your business productivity, reduces server management costs, and brings the updated version of every application, including Exchange Online freely to you. It gives multiple benefits which you should exploit completely while deciding to migrate to Office 365

  • Highly scalable

    The price of Office 365 is based on the subscription plan the number of users. You can start the subscription with minimum requirements in mind. However, you can quickly scale up or down as your requirements change.

  • Universally accessible

    As Office 365 is a cloud-based service, so it is instantly available to you from anywhere on the world. And all the applications will be present for the use of employees. So, this is ideal for organizations with operations in diverse geographical locations. Also, it helps organizations to provide a work-from-home option to employees.

  • Purchasable add-ons

    As we mentioned that you can add applications and services to your subscription as the need arises. For example, you can buy add-ons like Vision Pro, Project Lite, Dynamics CRM, etc.

  • Zero maintenance expenses

    Office 365 eliminates the need for a permanent on-site Exchange infrastructure. Microsoft takes the responsibility of maintaining the data safely. So, no initial investments are required.

  • Pay as you use

    The pricing of Office 365 is based on the plan which you select and the number of users. Some plans available are Business Essentials, Business, Home, and Personal. All these plans have a different type of software, services, and storage. The pricing is also different, and you can upgrade the Office 365 subscription according to your requirement.

After learning about various aspects of Office 365, you can purchase a suitable plan and migrate to Office 365, choosing an appropriate migration method. There are three primary migration methods (cutover, staged, and hybrid) which the administrator can try. But there are several limitations with each method.

Furthermore, you may lose your data in case of any fault in the migration. That’s why you should consider a professional solution to migrate Office 365 data, which is Kernel Office 365 Migration tool. It is the most direct and easiest way for migrating your data to Office 365 without any hassles.


Office 365 provides a lot of benefits that no other cloud platform can offer. However, the new Office 365 users often find difficulties with email migrations. In that case, they can try an this migrator tool to simplify Office 365 migrations. With this KernelApps tool users can also perform Office 365 tenant to tenant migration.

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