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Summary: SharePoint, with over 190 million users since its 2001 launch, is a versatile web-based collaboration and data management platform. It’s suitable for organizations of all sizes and industries, offering benefits like collaboration, Microsoft 365 integration, content management, wide accessibility, customization options, cost-effectiveness, robust data security, and centralized administration.

The foundation of every thriving organization hinges upon a cohesive workforce and effective data management. To seamlessly unite these essential components, organizations frequently turn to a robust collaboration platform capable of transforming arduous managerial duties into streamlined processes. This is precisely where SharePoint steps into the spotlight.

Since its inception in 2001, SharePoint has evolved into the premier platform for collaboration and data management, boasting an impressive user base of over 190 million individuals. Beyond its robust feature set, SharePoint caters to both personal and professional needs, making it an indispensable tool for individuals and organizations alike. With its versatile capabilities, SharePoint becomes a valuable resource for fulfilling various professional and organizational requirements. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the fundamentals of SharePoint.

What is SharePoint?

The first and foremost thing to understand is- What is Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint, a web-based collaborative application, serves as the central hub for storing a company’s data, facilitating seamless sharing among both internal and external stakeholders. True to its name, SharePoint offers a unified repository, ensuring that information remains easily accessible for sharing with others whenever the need arises.

Difference between SharePoint On-premises and SharePoint Online

As you may already know, SharePoint is available with 2 deployment options-

  • What is SharePoint On-premises?
    SharePoint On-premises is a version installed in your organization’s local servers, and you have complete control over the environment. It requires infrastructure, hardware, IT experts, and other resources.
  • What is SharePoint Online?
    SharePoint Online is a cloud and subscription-based service that can be utilized as a standalone platform or as a part of Microsoft 365.

However, many organizations now opt for a hybrid deployment, allowing them to use both.

Who can use SharePoint?

The use of SharePoint is not limited to company size or industry.

According to Microsoft’s official reports, SharePoint boasts a global user base of more than 250,000 companies, a substantial portion of which belong to the esteemed Fortune 500 list. This widespread adoption can be attributed to its remarkable versatility and an extensive array of features. SharePoint serves as a reliable fortress for securely housing an organization’s data, rendering it an indispensable tool for individuals, small enterprises, and large corporations alike. Furthermore, SharePoint enjoys prominence across diverse sectors, encompassing software, finance, healthcare, education, and construction, making it a cornerstone of collaboration and data management in today’s multifaceted business landscape.

What are the benefits offered by SharePoint?

Since the use of SharePoint is widely spread across most Fortune 500 companies, the platform offers some real benefits. Some advantages which are on top of the list are as follows-

  • Collaboration
    SharePoint empowers users to foster collaboration, both internally and with external partners or organizations. This platform facilitates seamless real-time teamwork, eliminating the need for constant email exchanges, messages, and phone calls. This streamlined approach not only accelerates decision-making and meeting deadlines but also enhances overall business operations. Additionally, users can revel in the benefits of personalized storage space within OneDrive, ensuring that data sharing occurs according to their preferences and needs.
  • Integration with Microsoft 365
    he ongoing discussion comparing Office 365 vs. SharePoint 2019 has garnered attention in recent times. In this debate, it becomes evident that SharePoint Online users hold a distinct advantage, primarily stemming from its seamless integration with Microsoft 365. The robust synergy between SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 facilitates streamlined management of various tasks. Essential applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Planner, Calendar, Word, and OneDrive are seamlessly integrated into the SharePoint Online experience, significantly enhancing the efficiency and convenience of users. This enhanced integration promises to bolster collaboration, productivity, and communication within the organization, marking a notable stride forward.
  • Content management
    A compelling attribute that attracts users is the extensive array of tools available for content management and real-time maintenance. These encompass libraries, metadata management, lists, records, and retention policies. This comprehensive suite empowers you to meticulously track both user activities and data interactions. By doing so, you gain precise insights into document ownership and the specific modifications made by each user. Furthermore, the system seamlessly accommodates the concurrent management of multiple projects.

  • Wide accessibility
    The SharePoint user experience has undergone significant enhancements, offering users newfound flexibility in accessing content across various devices and from any location. This transformation has fueled a substantial surge in SharePoint usage on mobile devices and tablets. As professionals increasingly find themselves on the move attending meetings and events, the mobile accessibility of SharePoint plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless access and productivity.
  • Scope for customizations
    As previously highlighted, this platform caters to a wide audience, offering extensive customization possibilities. Thanks to the seamless integration of Microsoft Flow and Apps, SharePoint now empowers users to tailor applications and workflows to their specific needs. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to effortlessly personalize elements such as themes, site headers, logos, navigation menus, site footers, web parts, pages, and more, all within your SharePoint site.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    Organizations leveraging SharePoint Online enjoy cost savings by eliminating the need for servers, dedicated IT teams, and additional infrastructure expenses. SharePoint Online offers a range of distinct pricing plans tailored to accommodate the diverse needs and requirements of businesses, enabling them to select the most suitable option based on their size and desired functionalities.
  • Better data security
    Malicious attacks pose a significant threat to businesses, but Microsoft has proactively addressed this concern by introducing robust SharePoint security and compliance features. This substantial enhancement in SharePoint’s security infrastructure is a key factor that instills trust in government and private organizations, compelling them to entrust SharePoint with their confidential data. Administrators now have the ability to exert precise control over user data access by configuring granular permissions for files. To further bolster data security, organizations can also implement additional protective measures.
  • Centralized administration
    Every workplace has several tasks which are to be taken care of. So centralized administration is essential. Instead of browsing through multiple locations, admins can use SharePoint to easily manage all the data, including application features, SharePoint farms, security settings, and general application settings, perform restorations and updates, and take SharePoint Online backups.


To efficiently oversee your company’s workforce and information, a collaboration and data management tool is indispensable, and SharePoint stands out as the optimal choice. It reigns supreme as the foremost platform in its category, with a global presence and widespread adoption by organizations. A fundamental grasp of SharePoint is imperative, empowering your company to harness its capabilities for heightened productivity and enriched collaboration. For seamless SharePoint migration, rely on the Kernel SharePoint Migrator Tool—a reliable and versatile solution designed to facilitate all SharePoint migration needs.

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