Two Ways to Check SharePoint Online Storage Information

Megha Sharma
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Microsoft 365 hosts multiple applications like Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint, and more. SharePoint Online is one such service provided by the cloud application through which users can manage all kinds of content and collaborate effectively. Depending on your plan (number of licenses), the allowed storage space of your SharePoint Online will vary. SharePoint Online administrators quite often have to check the storage quota or storage spaces for various reasons. Here, we are outlining some methods to find the storage-related parameters in SharePoint Online.

Ways to Check SharePoint Online Storage Information

  1. Via SharePoint Online Admin Center
  2. Via Windows PowerShell
Check the Storage Space using the SharePoint admin center

In SharePoint Online, you can get information about the storage space using the SharePoint admin center. We would be utilizing the Storage Metrics feature available in Site Collection Administration. This features is available in SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2010 and later versions.

Here is the complete method that answers your query to check SharePoint storage information for each site present in the account.

  1. Log in to the SharePoint Online as a site administrator or with the required credentials.
  2. Go to the SharePoint admin center. There, click Active sites on the left panel, choose your site for inspection and click on its URL to open it.
    SharePoint admin center
  3. In the opened SharePoint Site page, go to the left panel and click the Site contents option.
    opened SharePoint Site page
  4. Next, click Site settings.
    Site settings
  5. Now, move to the Site Collection Administration category and click Storage Metrics under it.
    Site Collection Administration
  6. Now, you have complete storage information such as Type, Name, Total Size, % of Parent, % of Size Quota, and Last Modified (date and timings) about Site Collection contents.
    storage information

Note: The maximum storage size limit for a site is 25TB by default. However, you can set it up manually with the following steps.

  1. In the SharePoint admin center panel, click Settings.
    storage size limit
  2. On the Settings page, click Site storage limits option.
    Site storage limits
  3. Switch to Manual option and click Save.
    Switch to Manual option
  4. Select the desired site, click on … and choose the Storage option.
    Select the desired site
  5. On the Change storage limit page, edit the maximum storage limit for this site by entering it manually (in GB as shown below) and then clicking Save option.
    Change storage limit
How to check SharePoint Storage quota using Windows PowerShell?

To get the storage quota in your SharePoint Online, you can use the Windows PowerShell.

First of all, you require connecting SharePoint Online Site with Windows PowerShell. Let us know about its process.

  1. Run the Windows PowerShell as administrator by right-clicking it and selecting Run as administrator option.
  2. Then run this command.
    $credential = Get-Credential

    A dialogue box with credential req will be opened. Here, add your SharePoint Online account user name and password, then click OK.

  3. Then, to import the Windows PowerShell module, you need to run this command.
    Import-Module Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell

    import the Windows PowerShell module

  4. Finally, execute the below command to connect SharePoint Online to PowerShell module.
    Connect-SPOService -Url https://”username” -credential $credential


  5. Hence, you have connected SharePoint Online to Windows PowerShell successfully. To check the storage quota of a particular SharePoint site, just run this command next.

    SharePoint Online to Windows PowerShell

You will get information like Site URL, Owner name, and Storage Quota for all sites available in that SharePoint Online account.

So, this was the manual process to get the storage quota in SharePoint Online. The process seems quite technical when performed using Exchange Online PowerShell but you can use the first method easily. The SharePoint Administrator will have to inform the user that how to check SharePoint Storage information manually.

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Final Words

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