Tips to Solve “The Deleted Items Folder is Unavailable” Error in Outlook

Siddharth Rawat
Siddharth Rawat | Updated On - December 13, 2022 |

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MS Outlook is the most preferred email client and email management tool due to its advanced features and add-ons. Just like every other tool, it has many issues and might give you error messages now and then. A prevalent issue that Outlook users are facing nowadays is an error that won’t allow them to delete the undesired messages from their inbox (and send these emails to the deleted items folder). The users might receive the following message:

these emails to the deleted items folder

This issue of unavailability of the Deleted items folder is common among the IMAP account users. past this error code.

How to make the Deleted Items Folder Available in Outlook?

In order to make the Deleted Items folder available, you might have to assign or create the correct folders manually. Below are some of the most promising and tested ways to resolve the Outlook missing folder problem.

Method #1: Subscribe to the Missing Folder for IMAP Accounts

If the Outlook Deleted Items folder goes missing, it implies that the user has not subscribed to them. To view and access all the available folders in the IMAP account, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to your IMAP account and select the Inbox folder.
  2. Right-click the Inbox folder and select IMAP Folders.
  3. Select IMAP Folders

  4. This will open up the IMAP Folders dialog box. Click on Query tab > Select the Deleted Items folder > Click on Subscribe.
  5. Select the Deleted Items folder

  6. To double-check whether you have successfully subscribed to the Deleted Items folder, check the folders under the Subscribed tab (whether your recently added folder is listed or not).
Method #2: Create or Assign Missing Deleted Items Folders Manually

If the previous method didn’t solve your issue, then the only option left at had is to create or assign missing Deleted Items folders manually. Follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Open your IMAP account and Select the New Folder option from the Folder tab.
  2. Select the New Folder

  3. Now enter the name of the new folder as Deleted Items and click OK.
  4. enter the name of the new folder

  5. Next, you might need to subscribe to the newly created Deleted Items folder by following the instructions provided in Method #1.
Method #3

If you have tried both of the aforementioned methods and you are still unable to recover the Deleted Items folder items, then there is a possibility that the OST file is damaged. In these dire circumstances one should only rely on a trusted and tested third-party OST conversion tool. One such professional tool that can help you in these circumstances is Kernel for OST to PST Converter.

With this tool, one can easily recover deleted messages and attachments from OST file (irrespective of the file size). The advanced search feature option allows the user to look for OST files in a specified system drive. The recovered emails can be saved to MBOX, DBX, MSG, EML, TXT, RTF, HTML, and MHTML formats. Lastly the highly beneficial feature of this tool is that one can export OST files to Office 365, email servers, and webmails directly.

Kernel for OST to PST


In conclusion, we have looked at the top three ways using which one can quickly get past- The Deleted Items Folder is unavailable error code in a few steps. Subscribing to the Deleted items folder or creating a new Delete items folder might work for some but not for all due to numerous reasons. Even if you get the access to the Deleted Items folder, there is a possibility that the items of the Deleted Items folder are no longer in it (implying that the OST file has damaged). Hence, in such dire circumstances, one can always rely on Kernel for OST to PST Converter tool.

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