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Read time 7 minutes

Summary: Google Drive allows users to share files publicly, granting viewing, editing, or commenting rights via shareable links. Steps for public sharing and publishing to the web are outlined, and a G Suite backup tool is recommended for data protection.

Google Drive enables its users to share files and documents either with specific individuals or publicly. Although one does have the option to download Google Drive files and share them locally, some users may want to share specific Google Drive files publicly, i.e., to all. Sharing files publicly on Google Drive entails granting viewing, editing, or commenting permissions to individuals who possess the shared links for the files in question. This method is highly effective for ensuring your documents are accessible to a diverse audience, as Google Drive’s sharing capabilities facilitate the recognition of publicly shared documents by search engines, thus broadening their accessibility to a wider user base.

If you’re keen on discovering how to make your Google Drive files publicly accessible through native methods, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve provided straightforward steps to easily share your Google Drive files with the public.

Steps to Share Google Drive Files Publicly (via Shareable Link)

Discover the straightforward method for sharing Google Drive files publicly through the Google Drive interface features.

  1. Go to this link – My Drive – Google Drive and sign in with your account credentials to open the Google Drive application on your web browser.
  2. Now, select single or multiple Google Drive files (using Shift and arrow keys) and then click on the Share Files option.
    Select Share Files option
  3. Now, move to the Get links section, and against each file select the option Anyone with the link from the drop-down.
    move to the Get links section
  4. After selecting the share permission for each file, select the permission you want to grant to the person with the link – Viewer, Commenter, or Editor.
    share permission for each file
  5. Now, click Done to complete the public sharing of files.
    complete the public sharing of files
  6. Right-click on the publicly shared file and select the Get Link option.
    Select Get Link option
  7. Then click on the Copy Link option to share it via email, social media applications, or other sources to the desired persons.
    share it via email, social media applications, or other sources to the desired persons
  8. If you want to restrict this public sharing of Google Drive files, right-click the document and select the Get Link option. Then modify the sharing setting from Anyone with the link to Restricted.
    restrict this public sharing

Hence, this was the process to share Google Drive files publicly via links.

Steps to Publish Google Drive File or Document (for more than 100 users)

If a Google Drive user needs to share specific Google Drive documents with over 100 users at the same time, they can opt to publish the particular document. Learn how to accomplish this task.

  1. Launch the Google Drive application on your web browser.
  2. Access the specific Google Drive document within the Google Drive interface, then navigate to File > Publish to the web.
    Publish to the web
  3. Choose either the entire document or specific sections from the Link section. Depending on your needs, you can opt to enable or disable the “Automatically republish when changes are made” checkbox in the Published content & settings section. Finally, initiate the publishing process by clicking the “Start publishing” option for the document.
    start the publishing of the document
  4. Please click “OK” to confirm the action, and the document will be published shortly.
    document will be published soon
  5. Users have the option to either copy the link generated for the published document or readily share it with others. They can effortlessly share it on platforms such as Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter using the provided icon choices.
    share it with anyone
  6. Therefore, the Google Drive document has been effectively published.
  7. In the future, should a Google Drive user wish to cease publishing a document, they can access the document, choose the “File > Publish to the web” option, and subsequently click “Stop Publishing” within the Published content & settings section. Finally, they can confirm this action by selecting “OK.”
    Published content & settings section

As demonstrated, sharing your Google Drive files publicly isn’t a complex task. However, it’s essential to recognize that Google Drive files also require backup. This necessity arises from the susceptibility of files to malware attacks and accidental deletions. Additional motivations for backing up include adherence to company policies, regulations, or legal compliance requirements.

To help with this situation, we propose the most bankable and proficient Kernel G Suite Backup tool, which offers quick and advanced backup of Google Drive files and other G Suite apps data like Gmail emails, Contacts, Calendars, Chats, etc. conveniently and flexibly. Gain a comprehensive understanding of this intuitive tool and its feature set by visiting its official website. Start with the free version to familiarize yourself with the tool’s capabilities.

Final Thoughts

The blog serves as a resource for Google Drive users seeking to share their files and documents publicly. It provides detailed instructions for two effective sharing methods: link sharing accessible to anyone and publishing documents on the web. Additionally, it recommends a reliable G Suite backup tool to fulfill users’ Google Drive file backup needs professionally and efficiently.