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Summary: This content discusses the common “File doesn’t begin with ‘%PDF'” error in PDF files, its causes, and methods to fix it. It covers manual solutions like adjusting Adobe Acrobat settings and recommends Kernel PDF Repair, a tool for repairing corrupted PDF files.

The PDF format has gained widespread popularity, finding extensive use across various platforms for generating documents, user guides, and various types of records. Moreover, PDF files are straightforward and can be effortlessly shared between platforms through email, messaging, or simple attachments. Furthermore, they offer universal accessibility, accessible from any device.

Regardless of the compatibility or security of a file format, susceptibility to corruption errors is an inherent risk, and PDF files are no exception. Typical issues frequently experienced by users with PDF files include:

  • Unable to open the PDF document
  • The PDF components are not structured
  • The document is corrupted and cannot be opened using Adobe Acrobat/Reader.

And sometimes due to irregular updates, the performance of adobe may get affected and results to document could not be saved due to adobe reader error 110

However, a common mistake that can render it nearly impossible for users to open a PDF file is the absence of the ‘%PDF’ header. If your PDF document contains valuable information, you certainly wouldn’t want to risk losing access to it due to such a minor error.

In this informative piece of content, we will discuss how you can fix the File doesn’t begin with ‘%PDF’ error with manual methods as well as – repair Adobe PDF files.

Common Reasons that Can Cause this Error

Here are the reasons that can make your PDF corrupt or inaccessible.

  • Inadequate retrieval of PDF attachments resulting from network glitches or internet connectivity issues.
  • Malicious software or virus intrusions targeting your system can have a direct impact on the integrity of the files stored within it.
  • Modifications to the permissions or settings of PDF documents aimed at limiting user access to the file.
  • The file has suffered significant corruption or damage, likely as a result of events such as an abrupt power outage or an unexpected system shutdown during file access.
  • Incompatibility with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader X versions
Methods to Fix the Error

Discussing the approaches for resolving the error, there are a limited number of available options. In this context, we have endeavored to encompass all potential methods capable of rectifying the ‘File doesn’t begin with ‘%PDF” error.

1st Method – Uncheck ‘Display PDF in Browser’ in Adobe Acrobat

If you encounter this error when attempting to open a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader X, it is likely caused by incorrect Adobe Acrobat settings. To rectify this issue, please proceed with the following steps:

  1. Open Adobe Reader or Acrobat on your system.
  2. Next, simply go to the “Edit” tab and then choose “Preferences.”
  3. Navigate to the “Internet” option within the “Preference” section.
  4. In the menu that has been opened, deselect the option for ‘Display PDF in the browser,’ and then click ‘OK.’

If the previously mentioned approach doesn’t resolve the issue, the sole conceivable cause of this error might be a damaged PDF file. So, you need to fix your PDF file with an automated solution – Kernel for PDF Repair.

Kernel PDF Repair

This straightforward utility is specifically crafted to address corruption problems within PDF files. It provides a swift and uncomplicated solution for repairing PDF files, ensuring their compatibility with various PDF tools. What sets it apart from other tools are its integrated advanced features.

  • Rapid restoration of damaged or defective PDF documents.
  • Efficiently fix multiple PDF files in a single operation with no delays or slowdowns.
  • Perfect for swiftly fixing substantial PDF files.
  • Able to restore interactive elements such as hyperlinks, comments, bookmarks, and more.
  • Stores restored PDF documents in the specified destination.
  • Fix PDF files that are saved on floppy disks, zip drives, and CD-ROMs.
  • Includes an uncomplicated graphical user interface (GUI) and engaging interactive functionalities.

We strongly advise using this software if your PDF file is severely corrupted, as it represents the sole viable solution to access such files.

Final Words

PDF documents contain valuable information and serve as a convenient means of sharing data. However, when a PDF file becomes corrupted, accessing its contents becomes challenging, even when using software like MS Word or other tools. In such situations, it is advisable to address the corruption issues and restore file accessibility. This article explores a manual method for resolving the “File doesn’t begin with ‘%PDF'” error and introduces an automated solution capable of repairing various types of PDF file corruption.

Kernel for PDF Repair