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Removing Duplicate Email Messages in Outlook 2016 & 2019

Pritam Majumdar
Pritam Majumdar Updated On - 17 Feb 2020

Ever noticed email duplication in your mailbox of Outlook 2016 or the 2019 version? If you have, you’ll know what we’re talking about! You’d want to get rid of them, wouldn’t you? But what causes this misery? Ever wonder? Here are the causes of duplicate email messages in your Outlook 2016 & 2019:

  • Incorrect Outlook Rules: Mistakes cause the rules to be improperly configured. This, in turn, causes data duplication in the Outlook mailbox.
  • The Send/Receive Intervals are Short: Due to the short frequency of the Inbox updates, the email messages, as well as the mailbox components, cannot synchronize properly. And this, again, leads to data duplication.
  • The Account Setup is Incorrect: The configuration of the same email account multiple-times can be a cause of repeated synchronization of incoming data, which can cause duplication in the mailbox.
  • Mailbox is Improperly Set: If you have incorrectly set the mailbox while creating an account, you might receive the same email message, calendar entries and contacts several times.
  • Usage of Third-Party Antivirus: In case an anti-virus program is set on the machine in which Outlook runs, there is a good possibility that the Send/Receive process gets intercepted.

Instant Solution

Try an automated tool Kernel for Outlook Duplicates Remover to remove, copy, flag or move duplicate items from Outlook mailbox.

Why should one remove duplicate items from Outlook mailbox?

Now, let us see what impacts these duplicate emails might have on daily work. The following should well-explain these issues:

  • The duplicity of emails has the potentiality of harming your productivity.
  • Duplicate emails can create confusion and cause errors. Can you imagine having to reply more than once to the same mail? I mean, seriously, I’d be like “Yikes”!
  • This duplicity can potentially impact your Outlook client’s loading performance. The more the messages get stored on your computer, the slower is its performance.
  • Another hazard is that the duplicates fill up your Inbox. You will need to delete email in order that you comply with the allocated email storage capacity.

Having said the above, we should proceed to the next part where we learn how to do away with this duplicity issue.

How to remove duplicate emails from Outlook?

To remove duplicate emails, you need to understand the cause of the problem. Once you know what the cause is, use a suitable workaround. Listed below are the tips that you can use to get rid of duplicate emails:

  • Check if the Outlook Rules are configured correctly.
  • Since the short frequency of mail server updates causes duplicity in emails, change the frequency level to 15 to 30 minutes, that’ll prevent the duplicity of emails.
  • Microsoft Outlook has plenty of utilities and add-ins that can clean up the duplicate emails. The Clean-up tool is one such an inbuilt feature within the application.
  • clean up the duplicate emails

  • If you’re facing duplicity of emails due to the anti-virus, disable the email-protection.
  • Remove duplicate emails using a third-party Outlook duplicates remover tool. Well, if the above methods don’t work out for good, don’t despair. And why should you? Kernel presents you with Kernel for Outlook Duplicates Remover to help you with the issue of Outlook duplicates.
  • Performs an all-embracing search to find duplicate items in PST folders
  • Removes, flags, moves, or copies duplicate email items as per need
  • Finds out duplicates by date and time, sender or receiver name, etc.
  • Permits you to save duplicate item(s) report in an HTML format
  • Supports all versions of Outlook which include Outlook 2019/2016/2013
  • Outlook Duplicates Remover

Looking for a tool to remove duplicate emails in Outlook 2016? Kernel for Outlook Duplicates Remover is your all-time aide when it comes to eliminating duplicate emails. Make sure you have Kernel for Outlook Duplicates Remover installed before the duplicity of the email becomes a nightmare!

Follow the below steps to Remove Duplicate Email Messages in Outlook 2016 & Outlook 2019:

  1. Run Kernel for Outlook Duplicates tool

  2. The tool’s UI (user-interface) is quite minimal; it has three (3) specific sections as below:

    • Predefined Tasks: You can select/deselect tasks from this section.
    • Add/Remove Tasks: You can create a new task or delete an old one via this section, you can also Export created tasks, and further Import them.
    • Initiate Tasks: Once you select a task, you may initiate the task.

    Note: A “Task,” is a set of settings which when initiated will search and address duplicate email messages in all the marked – selected, folder(s) and will either remove or perform the end command specified.

  3. Assign the new task with a name,
  4. Give a relevant task description > click Next,

  5. Set Standard Mode – for searching duplicate email messages > click Next,

  6. Note: Usually, Standard Mode is the one recommended, but in case if you need deep search for finding duplicate items inside your mailbox folders then, you may select Advance Mode.

  7. A window would pop on-screen,
    • In the left, select single or all Outlook accounts,
    • In the right, place mailbox folders as per your search preference > click Next,

    Note: Kernel for Outlook Duplicates will search folders as per the precedence is chosen.

  8. Set the time-period to look for email duplicates in a specific time span,

  9. Note: You can select from the predefined time intervals by clicking on the dropdown.

    Note: Select Predefined Period is the default one, for more precise search, use Select Time Period Manually, click on Add button, spcify Start & End date, click OK.

  10. Select Move to Deleted Folder > click Next,

  11. Note:

    1. In this step, select an action for the task you’re creating.
    2. Even if you’ve given the name Delete to your task, it is not necessary to delete the duplicate emails and other mailbox items; you may select other options available.
  12. Select a criterion (filter) for comparison of duplicates,
  13. Select Receiver name(s) or other criteria as you like > click Next,

    Duplicates comparison criteria can be considered as filters applied for identification of item copies in the mailbox.

  14. Confirm the task configuration > click Finish,

  15. Note: If you note something is not right, you may step back and apply corrections, and then proceed.

  16. You’ve created the Delete task successfully, click OK,
  17. Now that the task is created and loaded select Delete_ITEMS task (1),
  18. Click Run Selected Task (2), Kernel for Outlook Duplicates will start looking for duplicates in the mailbox,

    You can create tasks with different action assigned and select a peculiar task from the same window – as above.

  19. Wait for scanning to complete,

  20. Note:

    1. Duplicate mailbox item count is marked with red – as shown above.
    2. You can select Save Report for future references.
  21. Click Ok > Finish.

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