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Pictures are often taken to capture the moments and to cherish those moments in the future. It can be a nightmare for any user if the pictures taken with the camera aren’t saved in Gallery. Professionals capture pictures just like any other time, but this time it is not getting saved in Gallery, raising many concerns, including whether these pictures are being saved at all. To begin with, no need to worry as this issue can be easily resolved.

Reasons behind pictures not being saved in Gallery

  1. The operating system has not been up to date.
  2. A third-party photo editing tool is restricting the display of pictures in Gallery.
  3. Lack of storage space for new pictures.
  4. Cache data has not been cleared for a long time.
  5. You might have formatted the camera by mistake.
  6. A major virus attack has made the pictures lost or inaccessible.
Methods to fix when pictures don’t save in Gallery
  1. Update, update and update
    There is valid reasons behind software updates. They aim at continuously improving the device you are working on and focus on removing bugs and other issues, which is why there is an immediate need to keep your devices updated, including phone, laptop, camera, and all other applications. These updates should ideally be done from time to time to prevent any minor or major issues.
  2. Delete unnecessary pictures
    Often the issues where pictures from the camera don’t save in Gallery is caused due to shortage of storage space in the device. Firstly, go through the already existing pictures and screenshots in your Gallery and remove the ones which are not needed anymore. We often take many pictures at the moment, but there is only a handful of them that we truly like; so, it is better to delete the pictures which are no more relevant to you. If you don’t want to delete any of the photos, you can always take a backup or save them in cloud memory. The whole idea is to free up space from the device to allow storage of new items.
  3. Clear cache
    The entire purpose of cache data is to store website-related information to speed up the search process and keep a backup of all the information. If this data is not cleared from time to time, it starts overflowing, which makes the device run at a slower pace, not allowing the storage of new information. Make sure to clear all the cache data from the device to remove the possibility that pictures from the camera don’t get saved in Gallery.
  4. Disable all extensions or third-party antivirus applications
    Often certain extensions which are attached to the browser and antivirus applications detect new data as dangerous and restrict their display. To display all the pictures in the Gallery, disable all the extensions and antivirus applications.
  5. Use a professional approach in case pictures have gone completely corrupt
    Since the pictures that have become inaccessible are important to you, it is advisable to opt for a professional approach. Your pictures are in the safe hands of Kernel Photo Recovery tool, which can recover all the lost pictures of all formats from all devices, including pen drive, memory card, computer, and pen drives. Deep scanning of the hard drives helps to recover permanently deleted photos and supports all camera formats.

    Follow these simple steps to recover pictures that are not being saved in Gallery

    1. Install the Kernel Photo Recovery tool.
    2. Select the drive which contains the inaccessible photos and click on ‘Next.’Select the drive
    3. Select the image format for which you want to run the scan.Select the image format to scan
    4. The scanning process will begin.scanning process
    5. Preview all the recovered photos which are being displayed.Preview all the recovered photos
    6. Save the ones which you were looking the file

The Kernel Photo Recovery tool is well compatible with all Windows operating system and all popular professional camera brands including, Canon, Nikon, Fuji film, Kodak etc. Just select the drive which you want to scan, and all the photos will be recovered in a jiffy. There is not even a slight chance that photos and images fail to open after recovery.


Just like any other time, you start taking pictures from your professional camera. However, this time to your complete shock, the pictures from the camera don’t save in Gallery. This can happen due to multiple reasons. To begin with, keep all your devices and applications updated and make sure your device has enough space to store new data and pictures. Clearing irrelevant pictures and cache data helps in the maintenance of all the data. When the pictures are completely lost or inaccessible, a professional tool like the Kernel Photo Recovery comes in like a savior.

Kernel Photo Recovery