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Summary: This content discusses the recovery of deleted photos from Google Photos. It outlines steps to retrieve deleted photos from the trash and introduces Kernel Photo Recovery Tool as an efficient solution for photo recovery from various sources, including PCs.

I recently tried to retrieve some old photos from our son’s second birthday that I believed were stored in Google Photos. To my dismay, I discovered that Google Photos did not have them, which was quite disappointing. However, my tech-savvy wife assured me that these photos could still be recovered. In that moment, I decided to document the steps for the benefit of my readers. This write-up is dedicated to sharing those steps.

What is Google Photos?

For those of us who have been around for a while, let’s provide you with some insights into Google Photos. Google Photos is a widely used application for sharing and storing photos. This service, part of the Google cloud ecosystem, lets you free up space on your device by securely storing an unlimited number of photos. Moreover, this cloud-based solution allows you to access your photos from various devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. However, there are occasions when your pictures might accidentally get deleted, as happened to me. In such situations, you’ll want to know how to restore deleted photos from Google Photos.

Note: Updates in Google Photos Policy

In a recent update to its storage policy, Google has implemented a noteworthy alteration. Going forward, both new photos and videos will collectively utilize the same complimentary 15 GB of storage allocated to users. This change is expected to expedite the filling of your storage space. Therefore, should you successfully recover data through the methods outlined below, it becomes imperative to employ more astute storage management practices.

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How to Recover Google Photos?

TThere are numerous approaches available for recovering deleted photos from Google Photos. To elaborate, let’s dive into the specific steps required to retrieve photos that have been deleted from your Google Photos account.

Recovery from Trash

  1. Open the browser and then open the Google Photos via Click on the Menu, which is located on the top left corner. Choose Trash/Binchoose Trash/Bin
  2. Now choose the photos that you need to recover and then click on the Restore button.choose the photos

Please remember: Items placed in the Trash/Bin will be retained for a period of 60 days.

Things to Remember If You Are Recovering Photos from the Trash

You must be logged into your Google Photos account. Any photos deleted from your Google Photos will also be removed from the following:

  • Your albums in Google Photos
  • Your Google Drive (if your photos are synchronized with Google Drive)
  • From
  • Any synchronized devices
  • From the shared album that you had added them to.

Numerous individuals download Google Photos onto their personal computers and store them locally. However, there’s a chance that these files may be deleted or become inaccessible as a result of Windows corruption. In that case, you can recover those lost photos from the PC using a photo recovery tool like Kernel Photo Recovery. The advantages of the tool are:

  • Assists in the retrieval of deleted or misplaced photos.
  • Retrieves digital images from both desktop computers and digital cameras.
  • Provides flawless photo recovery for various types of digital media.
  • Enables recovery from external drives such as USB drives, pen drives, XD cards, and more.
  • Whether you are using an older or newer version of Windows, the software can assist you effortlessly.

The tool works in the following manner:

  1. Firstly, you will need to install the software and then launch the software.
  1. Select the drive from the ‘Available Drives’ head.
  2. Select the image format.’ Click Next.Available Drives
  3. The searching of files begins. When the scanning is done, you will be able to view all the files after selecting file type from the left pane.scanning is done
    Please Note that you can see a more detailed preview of your recovered photos by clicking on the image.
  4. Now, to save the files, click on the Save All option from the toolbar or the ‘File.’ And then save the file in the location where you need to.


Frequently, our cherished memories become confined within our photo collections. It’s truly disheartening when these invaluable recollections slip away. This is precisely why it’s crucial to restore deleted photos from either Google Photos or your personal computer. Kernel Photo Recovery tool also help you to recover deleted photos from SD card, hard-drive and more. If you need any more information, do call on us. We’re always happy to help.

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