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“Oh no, oh my god,” as far as I know, these are possibly the first words you will utter the very moment you notice that your SD card is empty, all your happy memories and special moments are gone. But, you can still recover those inaccessible photos on your SD card. You must be thinking how? Here’s how you can recover deleted media files from USB drives, SD Cards, external hard-drives, and more, instantly & hassle-free.

For doing this, you need SD card, a card reader (if the SD card is Micro), your PC and patience. Before, starting with the recovery process, let’s go through some of the reasons for lost data from SD card.

Following are some of the SD card data loss situations you might face:

  1. Accidentally or Intentionally Deleted Files from SD Card:
  2. Sometimes you don’t realize that you’ve formatted the wrong drive/external storage media containing all the important stuff; and in some cases, people intentionally wipe the whole media out so that you no longer have access to the Photos.

  3. SD Card is Formatted:
  4. When you use the SD Card on Android, the device (Android) prefers the media storage to be formatted according to its partition format, so that it is compatible with it to offer faster read/write speeds and instant access. But, when you use the same SD Card in Windows, it may lead to data loss, like loss of photos.

  5. SD Card Got Corrupted or Inaccessible:
  6. The issue of corruption or inaccessibility can surface anytime with no initial warnings, and this can happen due to incompatible format, improper media drive exertion, program issues, etc.

  7. Virus Infection:
  8. While browsing the internet, it’s important to make a note of the sites you visit because of privacy and malicious content issue. It is one of the most common reasons why users lose their data including photos.

  9. Power Failure/System Crash:
  10. Sudden power failure or system crash is bad news and can cause loss of photos from SD Cards.

Finally, you can solve the issues mentioned above of SD card data loss with the help of the below-mentioned step by step guide to recover lost photos with the help of Kernel Photo Recovery Software.

Usually, people don’t know what to do when finding data has been accidentally deleted.

Recover Deleted Photos Using Kernel Photo Recovery Software:
To recover lost or deleted photos from SD Card with Kernel Photo Recovery, go through the steps given below:

  1. Launch the Photo Recovery Software.
  2. Now that the tool is up and running start by selecting the SD the SD Card
  3. Note: The tool will list all internal partitions and attached storage media devices. Make sure to select the right media storage and confirm it before you proceed.

  4. In this step, select the file format (extension) of the photos deleted from SD the file format
  5. Note: Usually, JPG is the most common format for digital photos; you may select any format listed, as above.

  6. Kernel Photo Recovery will start the scan now; wait till the scan is complete.start the scan
  7. Note: To re-select, the external storage media or select more photo file formats, click on the Stop button and stop the scan process.

  8. Upon scan completion, all lost media (photos) will be available for recovery, as shown below:scan completed
  9. Select all or few deleted photos, and click on the Save button,save the photos
  10. Note: To select specific deleted photos, use Ctrl + Click combination.

  11. Now, browse for a location to save the deleted photos anywhere in the hard-drive, Click Ok.location to save the deleted photos

Once the deleted photos are recovered, you can browse to the location where you saved the files and check them, as shown below; the recovered files will be available in the same format as they were before with no compromise to the quality of photos.
previews of recovered photos


Loss of digital photos is quite a big concern for users, and in scenarios like these, they get confused and search online for ways to recover lost photos, and more. To get through this serious issue in the right manner, fix inaccessible photos, which is Kernel Photo Recovery.

Kernel Photo Recovery