OneDrive has Stopped Working – How to Fix It?

Aftab Alam
Aftab Alam | Updated On - March 23, 2023 |

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OneDrive is a very popular cloud storage platform from Microsoft. A normal user can use an or Hotmail account and get free storage of 5 GB at OneDrive. It is a great platform to store files, documents, applications, images, audio, and videos. You can also consider it as a backup place to save the offline files to the cloud. You sync your OneDrive account with the workstation and smartphone. The content saved in the OneDrive is directly accessible in the synced folder, and you can save files here directly.

Sometimes, when the user tries to open the synced folder, it shows an unwanted error that Microsoft OneDrive has stopped working.

The description clearly denotes that Microsoft OneDrive has stopped working, so there is no synchronization between the account and local computer. Windows will close the program and notify you when the solution is available.

But the error message does not show the cause of the error, and it compels the user to find the exact cause and its most-suited solution.

How to Fix the OneDrive Syncing Issue?

After the error message, the OneDrive synced folder cannot be opened, or the application crashes immediately. The icon at the Taskbar also may disappear after the error. OneDrive stops working completely, and sometimes when the users restart the application from the Applications menu, it works fine. But to remove the error altogether, you should use the following methods.

  1. Close OneDrive and Restart

    It is the simplest way to allow OneDrive to connect it again with the system. If the icon of OneDrive is present on the Taskbar, even when the OneDrive has stopped working, then you can right-click to it and close it.

    Then open OneDrive again from the Applications menu. But many users will not find it a useful feature because when the above-mentioned error occurs in the system, the OneDrive icon is also gone.

    NOTE – If you are using OneDrive for Business, then also you can follow the same method to restart OneDrive.

  2. Reconnect the OneDrive Account

    When the files in the synced folder are unable to sync with the cloud, you need to remove the account and reconnect it.

    1. Right-click to the OneDrive icon and choose Settings.Choose setting
    2. In the Accounts tab, click the option to ‘Unlink this PC.’Click on Unlink this PC
    3. A message will prompt you to finalize your selection. Click Unlink Account.finalize your selection
    4. After you click on the OneDrive account, you will need to input your account’s credentials again. If the OneDrive has stopped working due to the changes in your credentials, then you can sign in again with new details.input your account’s credentials
  3. Redownload the OneDrive Application

    If the OneDrive application has stopped working completely, you can download a new EXE file from the website and install it again. Go to the OneDrive website –
    Click the Download button and save the EXE. Install it again and try to open it securely.

  4. Select the Correct Folders in OneDrive Syncing

    When one or more folder folders saved in the OneDrive are missing from the synced account, you need to update the settings.

    1. Right-click to the OneDrive icon in the Taskbar.
    2. Click More Settings, then click Settings.
    3. Go to the Account tab and click Choose Folders.
    4. Choose the correct folders from the list; click the checkbox to Make All files available.
    5. Click OK.
  5. Free Up the Local Storage Space

    The free storage space for a normal account is 5 GB. As soon as the available space is occupied, it will show the message about completing the space. But sometimes, it may also show various types of errors and OneDrive stopping to work is one such symptom. So, you should delete the older files in the synced folders and restart the application.

If you have taken an earlier backup of OneDrive data and OneDrive has stopped working now, then you can recover the permanently deleted files from the OneDrive account easily.


We have given you all the possible methods to make your OneDrive account functional again on the computer. You can change the settings or install the application again. If the storage is full, then you can purchase more space for your Microsoft account. But, if corruption has affected the files, then you will lose all the data. To secure your data from abrupt deletion or corruption, you should take the backup of OneDrive data using Kernel OneDrive Migration tool. It will allow you to backup your OneDrive data to a secure location, and you can use the advanced features of the software for a thorough and secure backup.