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Summary: MP4 videos can stop playing in the middle due to various reasons, including incompatible media players, incomplete downloads, and corrupted files. This summary highlights common issues and offers self-help solutions like changing media players and updating drivers. For severe corruption, a professional repair tool is recommended. The article introduces a specialized tool for repairing MP4 files, guiding users through the process. It also mentions converting MP4 to AVI as an option. Overall, the article addresses causes and solutions for interrupted MP4 playback comprehensively.

We frequently receive user inquiries regarding unexpected interruptions while playing their MP4 videos. This issue can stem from various sources, including the video file itself, the media player being used, or the user’s system. It is advisable to initially inspect the hardware of the user’s system for any potential errors. Assuming the hardware is functioning properly, we should explore potential solutions, considering factors like unsupported media players, incomplete video file transfers, audio-video synchronization issues, incompatible codecs, and other potential causes for this problem.

What causes MP4 video to stop playing in middle?

A video playback may halt midway due to a variety of factors stemming from both hardware and software-related issues. To enhance your comprehension and prevent such occurrences in the future, the primary causes are enumerated below:

  • Incompatible video format with the media player currently in use
  • Playing video from an external storage device
  • Incomplete codecs of the video file
  • Outdated device drivers
  • Incomplete or interrupted download of the video file
  • Heavily corruption in video
Some Self Workarounds
  • Restart or reboot your system or laptop.
  • Try running the MP4 video files on a different system.
  • Change the media player for playing the video files. Use the standard VLC Media Player (if not using currently).
  • Copy the MP4 video files from the external device (if playing from there) and paste it to the system folder location. Now, try to run the videos.
  • Install missing codes for your MP4 videos media player.
  • Shifting MP4 videos to another destination folder from the shared or network folder
  • Reinstall, update the drivers on Device Manager of the Control Panel.
  • Repairing MP4 video files with the VLC Media Player.

The aforementioned simple solutions become ineffective when the underlying issue pertains to the deterioration, damage, or corruption of MP4 video files. This can occur as a result of various activities, such as attempting to play video files with unsupported media players, importing videos from unreliable sources to the system, encountering problems with audio-video synchronization, experiencing sudden system shutdowns, or facing fluctuations in power supply, among others.

The sole remedy for restoring corrupted MP4 video files entails utilizing a reputable third-party repair tool. Such a tool should ensure the full recovery of video files while preserving the original file structure and picture quality. Additionally, it should have compatibility with various video file formats for repair purposes.

All these qualities of a perfect tool lie within the exclusive Kernel Video Repair. Let us know about this tool and how to fix “MP4 videos stopped playing in middle” issue with it.

Use the software to Fix “MP4 Video Stopped Playing in Middle” Issue

The software has been purposefully crafted to rectify errors and problems found within corrupted video files. It employs intelligent algorithms integrated into the system to swiftly scan and mend these errors. Moreover, it has the capability to handle multiple file repairs concurrently across various video file formats.

In the following demonstration, we will illustrate how this tool can effectively resolve the “MP4 Video Stopped Playing in Middle” issue by repairing damaged MP4 video files. You can obtain and install this robust application from its official website onto your system, and subsequently proceed with the provided instructions.

  1. Launch the software on your system. To add the corrupted MP4 Video files, click on the plus icon as shown.
  2. Launch the software

  3. Browse from the system drive folder location, select the video files for repair, and click Open.
  4. Browse video files from the system drive

  5. The selected files will get added. Click Repair to start the video files repairing process.
  6. Click on Repair

    Note: To ensure compatibility with certain video files, it is necessary to include a reference video file alongside your chosen video files. These reference video files should be in good condition, of the same format, originating from the same device, and configured identically.

  7. The next step is to provide a saving folder location on your system drive to save the repaired video files. You can create a new folder too with the given Make new folder option. After selecting the folder, click OK.
  8. provide a saving folder location

  9. The software process will get started soon. You can view the live progress of the repair. It will take only a few minutes for completion.
  10. the software process will get started

  11. When the Processing.. state of video files is changed to Success, then it means that your video files are repaired successfully. You can save the report of this process in CSV file format using the Save report to CSV option.
  12. Save report to CSV

Consequently, the previously problematic video files have been restored to good condition, all thanks to the software solution. The free trial version is capable of repairing video files but restricts the saved output to a maximum of 30 seconds. To save the entire video after the repair process, acquiring the full version of the tool online is necessary.

The issue of “Video stopping in the middle” has been resolved for MP4 Video Files, ensuring their uninterrupted playback. Some users may wish to convert MP4 Videos to AVI due to the advantages offered by the AVI file format, such as superior resolution quality, compatibility with various codecs and devices, flexible data compression, and support for 256 colors, among others.

If your video abruptly halted during playback and you need to change its format to MP4, consider utilizing the premier video conversion solution: the Kernel Video Converter tool. This remarkable tool seamlessly transforms video files from one format to another, making the process effortless. Users have the freedom to select the desired output format from a comprehensive list and save it to their preferred location on their system.

Stop worrying about errors and issues related to your video files as you got the best solution now!

Wrapping Up

The blog’s primary focus was to address the reasons behind video playback interruptions and provide solutions. It comprehensively outlines the procedure for repairing corrupted MP4 video files using the most effective best video repair tool detailing each step of the process.

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