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Summary: When you encounter Microsoft SQL Server error 5120, you are likely experiencing an access permissions issue. SQL Server is unable to access a particular file or folder because of insufficient permissions. Adding permissions to SQL Server will solve this issue. The process can, however, be complex, requiring technical expertise. A tool such as Kernel for SQL Database Recovery can simplify this process & solve the error efficiently.

Are you struggling to access your Microsoft SQL Server due to Error 5120 – “Access Denied”? As an expert in the field, I’ll share technical solutions that can fix this error & guarantee secure data access for your SQL Server instance. Read on for the proven ways to resolve this error & optimize your SQL Server experience.

Reasons for the SQL database Error 5120

There are many reasons why this type of SQL error occurs. Here are some of the major reasons stated below.

  1. Inaccessible MDF & LDF Physical Files: If you can’t access the MDF & LDF physical files, it can cause error 5120.
  2. Insufficient Memory Space: Running out of storage space on your device can make it impossible to open or use the MDF & LDF physical files.
  3. Incompatible SQL Server Configuration: SQL Database servers have a specific configuration that must meet certain requirements for proper functioning. If any of these requirements are not met, it can lead to error 5120.
Method to fix Microsoft SQL Server error: 5120 (Access Denied)

To start with, you need to find the service account from the configuration manager within your SQL Server. After recognizing your account, here are the steps to follow.

  • Right-click on your database files and tap on Properties.
  • Go to the Security tab and click on Edit.
  • Tap on the Add button.
  • Type up the object name and select NT Service\MSSQL$SQL. Click on the Check Names button for verification. A MSSQL$SQL database would be created.
  • Click on OK to save the changes.
  • Assign full control to this MS SQL service account. Tap on OK.
  • Try attaching your MDF database now and you no longer must struggle with 5120 error.
Using automated solution

Kernel for SQL Database Recovery is a reliable tool to fix Microsoft SQL Server errors such as 5120 (Access Denied). This powerful software has a variety of features that make it a go-to solution for recovering and repairing corrupted SQL databases, regardless of the SQL server version.

With this tool, users can enjoy the benefits of smooth, hassle-free recovery of large MDF/NDF files. The software is designed to recover all database objects so that users can get back to work without any loss of data or productivity. With its unique blend of technical expertise & ease of use, Kernel for SQL Database Recovery is the ideal tool for any SQL user in need of expert recovery solutions.

Final notes

With the above guidance, you will hopefully resolve the Microsoft SQL Server Error: 5120 & deal with any issues concerning data access. It is always important to be aware of potential issues & their solutions so that you can troubleshoot such problems quickly & easily in the future.

If you need quicker resolution, do not forget to use any of the best SQL Database Recovery tools available. They provide quick fixes for most database errors & make the entire repair process easy.

Kernel for SQL Database Recovery
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