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Summary: Google has come up with its routine updates, this time with changes in the access of applications. Recently, on May 30, 2022, Google announced that it no longer supports third-party applications that request signing with just Google account credentials.

Google prioritizes user data security, employing robust measures to safeguard Google logins and reassure users that their data remains confidential and is not sold to external entities. This commitment to transparency aims to foster trust among customers. However, when users employ their Google credentials to sign in to third-party applications, they inadvertently grant access to their data and valuable information. This practice poses a potential risk, as hackers could exploit this access to compromise user data for malicious purposes. Consequently, Google has implemented restrictions, no longer permitting less secure apps to utilize Google credentials, enhancing overall security measures.

Turn Off Less Secure app access

Following the latest update, you might find that your Google account no longer grants access to less secure third-party applications. Google has implemented a restriction, preventing such applications from accessing any information. This setting is now automatically disabled by Google. However, if you are still utilizing “Less secure app access,” it is imperative to deactivate this feature promptly and transition to more secure alternatives.

Steps to Turn off “Less secure app access”
  1. Sign into your Google account.
  2. On the left side panel, go to the Security option.
  3. Go to the Less secure app access section in your Google account.

Here you can see it is automatically off from Google itself.

Less secure app access

What is a Secure Application?

Protected applications meet Google’s security standards effectively. They enable users to access specific functionalities, such as email or calendar, based solely on their requirements. These applications establish connections with Google accounts, offering users the flexibility to cease using their Google accounts whenever they choose.
Steps to allow permission to secure third-party applications:

  1. Sign into your Google account.
  2. On the left side panel, go to Data and Privacy.Data and Privacy
  3. In the Data and Privacy window, go to the Data from apps and services you use section.Data from apps and services you use section
  4. Here, tap on Third Party apps with Account Access.
  5. Now Turn on Google Account Sign-in prompt to allow Google to offer a faster way to sign in with your Google account on supported third-party sites.

If you have already given permission of Google Account access to a third-party app or service but now you want to remove access, follow the steps below-

  1. Sign into your Google account.
  2. On the left side panel, go to Data and Privacy.
  3. In the “Data and Privacy” window, navigate to the section labeled “Data from apps and services you utilize.”Go to the Data from apps
  4. Here, tap on Third Party apps with Account Access.
  5. Go to the application from where you want to remove access.Go to the application and remove access
  6. Click the Remove Access button, and a pop-up window will appear. Click on OK.Click the Remove Access button
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End Note

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