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Summary: The content discusses the importance of backing up G Suite data due to various risks, including data deletion, theft, overwriting, and more. It highlights ten reasons for G Suite data backup and recommends Kernel G Suite Backup software as a reliable solution.

Google introduced G Suite in 2006 under the name Google Apps, but it has since been rebranded as Google Workspace, with the exception of its Education Edition. This platform serves as a central hub for various Google cloud computing services, productivity tools, software offerings, and collaborative products. To break it down further, the components of G Suite include:

  • Communication tools – Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Meet, Chat
  • Storage tool – Drive
  • Content creation tool – Google Docs
  • Employee engagement tool – Currents
  • Users and Services Management – Admin Panel
  • Other Services –Jamboard, Add-ons

G Suite encompasses a suite of various services, making it a popular choice among businesses. It offers a range of advantages, including document sharing, email accounts, file ownership, generous storage, CRM capabilities, seamless single sign-in, efficient management of multiple email addresses, Google’s robust support, advanced security features, and much more.

Why is G Suite backup essential? Let’s explore this by delving into the following explanations.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Backup G Suite Data

Below are the essential motivations for businesses and organizations to prioritize the backup of G Suite data.

  1. To Secure from Data Deletion by Users
    G Suite users occasionally contribute to inadvertent data deletions due to their various data management actions, such as deleting files to free up storage, removing duplicate items, or relocating data to specific locations. Nonetheless, the loss of vital files can also occur when users fail to recognize the significance of their data during these actions.
  2. To Secure from Data Theft When the Device is Lost/Stolen
    While uncommon, in the event of a device loss or theft, the security of your G Suite data may be compromised. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a backup of your G Suite data on an external drive.
  3. To Secure from Data Overwriting
    Sharing documents within a team is a unique capability offered by the G Suite application. However, it does come with a drawback: the potential for data to be overwritten by any team member, resulting in the loss of important information. This action can lead to confusion and compromise data security. Fortunately, maintaining an up-to-date G Suite backup can effectively address this issue.
  4. To Secure from Application Overwriting
    Companies that rely on multiple applications are susceptible to a scenario known as Application Overwriting. This phenomenon involves the inadvertent sharing, copying, and occasional replacement of data, resulting in the unintentional loss of crucial or original files. While application integrations are essential for numerous businesses, safeguarding against the risks of overwriting can be achieved through the implementation of G Suite backup solutions.
  5. To Secure from Data Loss via SaaS Outage
    Sudden outages in Software as a Service (SaaS) applications have the potential to disrupt G Suite applications, resulting in occasional inaccessibility and data failures. While it’s impossible to prevent these outages entirely, maintaining an advanced backup of G Suite data can enable uninterrupted business operations even during such disruptions.
  6. To Secure from Third-party Applications/Ransomware
    Integrated third-party applications and ransomware can significantly compromise the integrity of G Suite data. Malicious actions such as unauthorized account access through permissions, downloading malicious software, connecting to harmful websites, and other similar activities can result in the theft of G Suite accounts. Consequently, it is essential to maintain a backup of your G Suite data.
  7. To Secure from Mergers & Acquisitions
    Data migration can pose significant challenges when a company undergoes an acquisition or when two companies opt to merge. The process of handling data becomes more streamlined and secure when a company utilizes G Suite backup solutions. This approach provides assurance that data migrations are carried out without any associated risks.
  8. To Secure from Employee Exit Situations
    When an employee resigns, management is responsible for safeguarding all of their data, including G Suite information, in order to facilitate a seamless transition of responsibilities to another team member. This situation underscores the importance of implementing routine G Suite backups.
  9. To Secure from Risks Related to Google Drive Sync & Desktop Sync Client
    The Google Drive Sync and Desktop Sync Client services are susceptible to ransomware and malware threats, which can easily compromise files and documents stored on Google Drive. A comprehensive G Suite backup is an effective solution to mitigate such unwanted scenarios.
  10. To Secure from Legal Issues
    In order to adhere to specific legal requirements, organizations must maintain comprehensive backups of their data. This includes ensuring the backup of G Suite application data to remain compliant with regulatory standards.
Which G Suite Backup Solution is Preferred?

Google offers two services, namely Google Takeout and Google Vault, which enable users to retrieve data from G Suite applications. However, these services do have certain limitations.

  • The maximum data download size allowed in one try is 50 gigabytes.
  • Unable to download data in shared folders
  • The Archive feature in Google Vault cannot create a copy
  • Deleted data from the drive is also deleted in the archive

Businesses often seek professional assistance to safeguard their G Suite data due to the constraints associated with manually backing up data using Google Takeout. Kernel G Suite Backup software is a worthy option to save entire G Suite content including Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, and Drive into various output formats. Various choices exist for implementing filters and selecting crucial mailbox contents.

  • It can back up Google hangout chats too.
  • Unlimited mailbox backup using Super Administrator account.
  • Automated backup using an inbuilt CSV file.
  • Secure login using the P 12 key.
  • Filter options based on Date filter, type filter, incremental migration, etc.


Backing up excess data from G Suite can significantly enhance its responsiveness and mailbox access speed. Utilizing Kernel G Suite Backup software ensures that the offline backup file is not only accessible in supported applications but also safe for use.