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Import MBOX Emails to Outlook Office 365?

Himanshu Goyal Himanshu Goyal Updated On - 17 Apr 2020

You want to access your MBOX emails via Outlook Office 365, but unable to find a tool that is reliable and easy to use?
Then don’t look anymore!
We have created this blog to help you understand how you can import MBOX to Outlook Office 365.
I hope you know what Office 365 Outlook is – It is the Outlook app that you get with your Office 365 subscription.
Now, let’s get back to the main topic.
MBOX is a file format that is used by many email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail, MS Outrage, PowerMail, and many more. But, when you cannot use the data in the same format (MBOX) with Office 365 Outlook (or any other Outlook version) – you’ll either have to convert it to PST or import it directly to Office 365.

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Try automated tool Kernel MBOX to Office 365, to migrate single/multiple files directly from MBOX/MBX/MBS to Office 365 in a single attempt.
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Need to Import MBOX to Outlook Office 365

Outlook Office 365, like other Outlook versions, allows users to organize personal information like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, and journals.

Outlook Office 365 is a part of MS Office Suite and those who purchase MS Office gets a professional email client as a part of it. Generally, there is no need to import MBOX to Outlook Office 365 unless you are having trouble accessing your MBOX email client. However, Outlook Office 365 is more advanced compared to open source email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird that use MBOX format. Also, Outlook is compatible with Microsoft platforms like MS Exchange Server and Office 365.

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How to Import MBOX to Outlook for Office 365?

The only manual method to import MBOX emails to Outlook Office 365 is by converting it to PST mailbox, and for that, you can refer to free methods to convert MBOX to PST. For example, if you have a Thunderbird account and MS Outlook on your system, then you can export MBOX file to PST. Here’s how:

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird and select the folder that you want to migrate.
  2. Select all emails of that folder with Ctrl + A.
  3. Now, right-click on selected emails and click Save As > File.
  4. Save the file on a specific location.
  5. After saving the file close Mozilla Thunderbird and open MS Outlook.
  6. Create a New Folder and drag the saved file to this folder.

Thus, MBOX emails get saved in a PST mailbox.
The manual methods to import MBOX to Outlook Office 365 are very complicated. Also, they do not apply to every MBOX client, and you will be able to import only emails. Thus, you’ll have to use a third-party tool like Kernel MBOX to Office 365 that provide quick migration of MBOX mailboxes to Outlook Office 365.

Kernel MBOX to Office 365

Designed with advanced algorithms, Kernel MBOX to Office 365 allows users to import MBOX data of more than 20 email clients to Office 365 quickly without any hassle. Also, the smart filtering options help users to import only specific data based on their requirements. Let’s know this tool better with the working process.

  1. Install the software and launch on your system.
  2. Download Software

  3. From the home screen of the software, click Select File at the top-left corner.
  4. Select MBOX file

  5. Add the specific MBOX file to the given field and click Finish.
    Add the specific MBOX file
    Note: You can also select multiple MBOX files as well.
  6. You can see all the containing folders of the file, click any folder to preview its content.
  7. Preview of MBOX files and folder

  8. To save to PST file, click the Save button and select PST file (MS Outlook). Click Next.
    Select PST as a file saving option
    Note: If you want to save in your Office 365 mailbox, select Office 365 from the given list, and then click Next.
  9. Apply the filters to the files as per your requirements, such as item type, date, from, to, etc., and then click Next.
  10. Apply filter option

  11. Provide PST file splitting options as required. Click Next.
    Provide PST file splitting option
    Note: If you are saving in Office 365, provide login details for the Office 365 account in the next step and click Finish.
  12. Select Office 365 as a saving option

The MBOX file will be saved in PST file (or Office 365). You can now import the PST to Outlook Office 365.


Importing MBOX to Outlook Office 365 can be daunting for new users, especially with the manual approaches as they are not that reliable and are complicated. So, we have mentioned a simple solution to import MBOX files to Outlook Office 365.

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