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Summary: Thunderbird to Gmail export is necessary when migrating to a new email client or consolidating multiple accounts. Manually importing emails may be time-consuming, but Kernel for MBOX to Gmail tool automates the entire process for easy conversion. The tool guarantees data accuracy and maintains folder hierarchy during transfer.

Thunderbird is the solution for all email needs where you do not need to use a web-based email service. You can install it in your system and connect multiple accounts to it. It will create a dedicated mailbox with your email account and start to work instantly after adding the IMAP or POP account. But certain functionalities are becoming outdated, and users are planning to switch from Thunderbird to Gmail. Gmail is a free email client by Google which offers wider accessibility. Individuals can access their data from anywhere and from any device.

In the present article, we will check some methods to solve your requirement for a web-based email client like Gmail and move your data from Thunderbird to Gmail.

Why do We Need to Migrate Thunderbird to Gmail?

Thunderbird uses the MBOX format while Gmail creates backups in MBOX format. With the POP settings enabled, the Thunderbird mailbox data can only be accessed from that system where it is installed. But Gmail gives you the ultimate freedom of access because it is web-based. And this is the most common reason users must migrate emails from Thunderbird to Gmail. This is possible only by migrating Thunderbird data to a web-based email client.

Benefits of Using Gmail
  • Gmail offers huge storage space; you can save a large amount of data in Gmail.
  • Gmail is a web-based email client; it has zero maintenance cost.
  • The entire data is stored on Google servers. So, you can quickly access it from anywhere.
  • Google keeps your data completely safe and secure.
  • Gmail is familiar with all platforms and can be easily configured in Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and MS Outlook.
  • Gmail allows you to add Hotmail and Yahoo accounts so that you can manage them with one account.
Instant Solution

Try automated tool Kernel Import MBOX to Gmail to export Thunderbird MBOX emails to Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, etc., without losing any data.

How to Transfer Thunderbird Emails to Gmail?

Before trying to transfer Thunderbird emails to Gmail, you have to enable IMAP settings in Gmail.

  1. Log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the ‘Gear’ icon and then select Settings.Click on Gear icon and then select Settings
  3. In settings, click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP, and under IMAP Access, choose Enable on Forwarding and POP/IMAP and under IMAP Access

After this, you need to open the Thunderbird application by double-clicking on its icon. Then, you need to follow the below steps.

  1. In the Thunderbird application, click on Tools> Account Settings.In Thunderbird application click on tools account setting
  2. In Account Settings, go to Account Action> Add Mail Account.Add mail account
  3. Enter your credentials like Name, Gmail ID, and password and click to Continue.Enter the credentials
  4. It will take a few seconds and once it is completed, click on Done.Wait to finish the process
  5. Finally, right-click on the email item, point to Copy To > Gmail id, and click the required folder.Copy to Gmail

Thus, your emails are moved from Thunderbird to Gmail folder.

Export from Thunderbird and Import to Gmail

In this method, we will first export our personal address book from Thunderbird then, import it to Gmail in easy steps. Here is what you need to do.

  • Access ThunderBird and tap on Address Book (or Alt+2).tap on Address Book
  • Click on the three dots beside the option Personal Address Book and hit Export.hit Export
  • Choose the destination to save your files in Comma Separated (System Charset) your files in Comma Separated
  • Open your Gmail account. From the Google apps option, tap on Contacts.tap on Contacts
  • Click on Import contacts.Click on Import contacts
  • Browse for your file. Select it and tap on Open.tap on Open
  • Click on Import and your thunderbird to Gmail import is successful.Click on Import and your thunderbird to Gmail
Automated Solution for Exporting Thunderbird Emails to Gmail

Kernel Import MBOX to Gmail, is a brilliant tool for exporting Thunderbird emails to Gmail. It is perfect for migrating Thunderbird emails selectively to Gmail without any data loss. MBOX to Gmail Converter has brilliant features like preview and filters. It can add single or multiple MBOX files, filter the MBOX data, and export emails to various destinations like Gmail, G Suite, etc. This tool is suitable even for non-technical users. Also, it supports MBOX files of more than 20 email clients (all versions). So, this is one of the most efficient tools to export MBOX emails to Gmail.


Hope you find this blog informative and useful. As we all know Thunderbird and Gmail have their own importance but there are many reasons to switch from Thunderbird to Gmail. But manual methods are going to consume both time and effort. Therefore, opt for a professional MBOX to Gmail tool, it imports multiple emails at a time in just a few steps.

Q. Can I import a PST file into Gmail?

A. Yes, you can import a PST file into Gmail, but you need to connect the two email clients. This helps them access each other & helps in easy transfer of your PST data to Gmail.

Q. Does Gmail still support IMAP?

A. Yes, Gmail still supports IMAP. In addition to IMAP, Gmail also supports POP and SMTP protocols for non-Gmail clients. 

Kernel Import MBOX to Gmail