Easy Way to Add G Suite Account in Microsoft Outlook

Aftab Alam
Aftab Alam | Updated On - 14 Jun 2022 |

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Cloud based platforms have truly been revolutionary for organizations and professionals. G Suite/Google Workspace is a family of Google’s collaborative, productivity, and cloud-based tools. It consists of all the useful Google apps like Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Hangouts, etc. It also has Google Drive for cloud storage. On the other hand, Microsoft Outlook is personal information managing platform which ensures an innovative and collaborative approach for all its users and is a part of Office 365 suite.

Although, both the platforms are different in their approach but together they can be utilized to their maximum capacity. A great benefit of Google Workspace is that you can configure in your Outlook application just like any other IMAP account for accessing emails. Here, we will discuss in detail about the entire process to add G Suite account in MS Outlook.

This process is a multi-step process where you need to enable the IMAP settings in your G Suite account. Also, you need to enable the access for less secure apps. And then finally, connect your G Suite account to Outlook.

Enable IMAP is G Suite Account Settings

IMAP refers to Internet Message Access Protocol and allows users to access emails stored on a remote server while using multiple devices. This is the reason to make sure to turn on the IMAP settings.

  1. Sign-in to the Google web apps and click the settings gear icon.
    click the settings gear icon
  2. Go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and check if the IMAP is enabled.
    check if the IMAP is enabled
  3. If IMAP is disabled, then click Enable IMAP and click Save changes.
    click Save changes

Connect G Suite Account in Outlook

After enabling the IMAP for the G Suite account, you can add the new account in Outlook.

  1. Start Outlook and go to File option in the toolbar. After that, click the Add Account button.
    Add Account button
  2. Input the G Suite account’s email address, and in the Advanced Options, click the checkbox for ‘Let me set up my account manually.’ Click Connect.
    Click Connect
  3. Choose IMAP for the account type.
    Choose IMAP for the account type
  4. Input the password of the G Suite account. Then click Connect.
    Input the password of the G Suite account
  5. If an error message appears, that shows that it could not log on to the incoming (POP/IMAP) server. Click the option Change account settings.
    Change account settings
  6. In the incoming mail – type Server as imap.gmail.com and Port number as 993. Choose SSL/TLS from the Encryption method dropdown. In the Outgoing mail – type smtp.gmail.com in the server and 587 as the Port number. In the Encryption method, choose SSL/TLS in the dropdown. Click Next.
    Click Next.
  7. Outlook will run a connection check with the IMAP Server and send a test email. Click Close after Outlook has completed the tasks successfully.
    Click Close after Outlook
  8. The account mailbox will be available in Outlook. You can check all the folders and their content.
    check all the folders and their content

Note:The Outlook connection for the G Suite account only adds the emails, but not the calendar and contacts.

How to Take a Backup of G Suite Emails in Outlook?

For the security of mailbox data, you can take the backup of these emails and place them at a different location. In Outlook, there is an inbuilt option to export the data to an offline CSV and PST files. Here is the process:

  1. After clicking the File option in the menu bar, click Open & Export. Then click Import/Export.click Import/Export.
  2. Click ‘Export to a file.’ Then click Next.Click Export to a file
  3. Select the Outlook data file (PST). Click PST.Click PST
  4. Select the mail-based folder of the G Suite account. You can filter the option using the Filter button.Select the mail-based folder of the G Suite account
  5. Choose the option to handle the duplicate items and Browse the location to save the export file. Then click Finish.click Finish

Now you have a backup of the G Suite account in the PST format. You can also assign a password to the PST file to make it more secure. But as we know that G Suite in Outlook can have only the emails and not the other apps of your G Suite account. So, the manual option for the backup in only an unfinished part of all G Suite account data.

In addition, there are other limitations of the manual method which are as follows-

  • Even a tiny mistake can have a disastrous impact in terms of loosing the data.
  • Just like any other manual method, even this one is time consuming and would need all the attention of the user.
  • There is also a chance of a severe failure.

It would help if you used professional software that supports all the G Suite tools and can take their backups.

Take backup using a professional utility

As G Suite saves your professional data, you should not take any chances with its security. So, use the Kernel G Suite Backup tool to make a routine backup. The tool can back up all the data from the apps whose APIs are enabled for your account. It will let you filter the data and backup selectively. If you take a backup of multiple accounts using Super Administrator credentials, then the tool will create a separate backup folder for each Google Workspace account. The tool will also give you a complete report of the whole backup procedure and mention the status of each item.


Despite such a vast difference between G Suite and Outlook, there exists method to connect the two. To begin with, the IMAP settings in Outlook must be turned on and only then, the G Suite account can be connected. Also, these emails should be backed up to avoid any kind of data loss. This can be performed manually or professionally.

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