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Summary: Archives in Novell GroupWise serve as important records for storing essential emails. However, when migrating from GroupWise to Exchange, these archives are not always seamlessly transitioned. Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange Migration tool simplifies this process, allowing you to smoothly migrate archive folders to PST files for use in Outlook or Exchange. This efficient tool streamlines the migration of archived data, ensuring no important information is lost.

Archives are vital records in Novell GroupWise, primarily used to reduce Inbox size and preserve critical emails for future access. Unlike email clients like MS Outlook, where archives are stored within the mailbox database, Novell GroupWise has a distinct Archive folder that houses user-archived items.

In GroupWise, the archive database is distinct from the user mailbox database. Hence, when migrating from GroupWise to Outlook, administrators need to export archives separately. Some GroupWise to Exchange migration tools successfully transfer most data but often fail to migrate archived emails. The unique folder structures of both databases make simultaneous migration challenging.

Novell GroupWise creates a folder named ˜archive” for each mailbox and creates a database of migrated items. Therefore, it becomes important that archive database also gets migrated easily without loss of important data.

Migrate GroupWise Archives to Exchange

Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange Migration software is purpose-built to perform smooth data transitioning from GroupWise to Exchange server, ensuring a smooth migration of archive folder databases into PST files. Below are the steps to migrate archive folders from GroupWise to Outlook using the Kernel for GroupWise to Exchange tool:

Step – 1: Launch the Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange migration tool. Select the first option among two options to convert GroupWise mailboxes to Outlook/Exchange/Office 365.

Launch the software

Step – 2: Now, if you want to migrate the archive items, then check the option of Show Archive and choose among two options of User default Archive path or Specify Archive path. Then click Next.

check the Archive option

Step – 3: As soon as the software retrieves the archive data, it will place the complete mailbox in a well-mannered tree structure. You can select any file and view its data. Finally, click Export.

click export

Step – 4: Select the first option of Select in PST and click OK.

select PST file

Step – 5: In the Export Options wizard there are multiple filters which you can use to migrate only the desired data. You can select various item types, input a date-range, browse a destination folder and provide a name. Click Export after filling the required fields.

browse a destination folder

Step – 6: The archive file’s items are migrating.

migrating archive file

This method ensures the hassle-free migration of your archived database from your Novell GroupWise account. Kernel for GroupWise to Exchange undoubtedly serves as a highly efficient GroupWise Archive Converter.

Kernel for GroupWise to Exchange