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GroupWise Archive Converter

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Archives are often termed as important records. In Novell GroupWise, the archives are usually created to minimize the size of Inbox and save important emails, so that they can be accessed anytime. Archive folder is a separate folder in Novell GroupWise that contains items of the mailbox which are archived by the user. Email clients like MS Outlook save the archives in the mailbox database although the case is totally different with Novell GroupWise email client.

In GroupWise, the archive database is not associated with the user mailbox database and that’s why while migrating from GroupWise to Outlook, administrators have to export archives separately. At times, the GroupWise to Exchange migration tools migrate everything but fail to migrate the archived mails. The technique for exporting archive database is different as the folder structures of both the databases is different and makes it tough for the migration tools to migrate them both simultaneously.

Novell GroupWise creates folder named ˜archive” for each mailbox and creates a database of migrated items. Therefore, it becomes important that archive database also gets migrated easily without loss of important data. Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange Migration software is designed especially to ease the migration of archive folder database to PST files. In order to perform Archive folder migration, Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange acts as a GroupWise Archive Converter. Mentioned below are the steps that allow the user to migrate archive folders from GroupWise to Outlook using Kernel for GroupWise to Exchange tool:

  • Launch Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange migration tool.
  • Select the option to Convert a Single GroupWise mailbox.
  • Select the mode to get connected to GroupWise mailbox and type mailbox details for migration.
  • Activate the Migrate Archive Items section and select Specify Archive Path option.
  • Software will now scan the archive database and list the items for preview.

This way, the archived database of your Novell GroupWise account will be easily migrated. Kernel for GroupWise to Exchange surely works as highly efficient GroupWise Archive Converter. The group wise archive migration with Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange Server also works with the feature of migrating batch of mailboxes with Batch File creator. GroupWise archives to PST and GroupWise archives to Exchange is made easy with the software.

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