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With plethora of email applications being used, people now keep looking for migration techniques to ease out entire conversion of emails from one platform to another. There might be various solutions to entire fiasco but what worries the most is the time and technical issues that keep coming up. If you are technically sound and suppose you successfully convert certain mailbox items from Lotus Notes to Office 365, there is no guarantee you will finish it all in less time. Similarly, if you quickly convert certain emails from GroupWise to office 365 in few minutes or hours, there is no guarantee you have succeeded in performing complete conversion. There are chances something or the other was left while migration. How do you cope up with such debacles?

Each application has its good or bad points and one must be free to move into any particular one when needed. The only trouble comes in when trying to convert emails; one could not stay too away from various errors that creep in. One of the worst situations is when users are looking for ways to convert to Cloud that is Office 365 and fail repeatedly. Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based service that can help you meet your organization’s requirements for robust protection, dependability, and improves user productivity. Microsoft Office 365 is made up of cloud versions of SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and Microsoft Lync Server.

Kindly note that when you require conducting GroupWise to Office 365 migration, few important points you must look upon.

  • Archive Migration Request – For GroupWise archives to be migrated into Office 365, it is important that you as administrator collect all the archives. If you have GroupWise archive and want its content to remain available even after your account is migrated, you must follow few necessary steps.
  • Exporting GroupWise Address Books – Although, there is a probability that personal address book in GroupWise will migrate to Office365, but at times it is might not happen so. Therefore, it is ideally recommended to make use of an installed GroupWise Client for Windows and export a copy to a .CSV file, which further can be easily accessed in Excel.
  • No e-mail folders exist as sub folders within Mailbox folder – Talking in terms of GroupWise to Office 365 migration, folder structure within your Cabinet, or at the same level as the Mailbox folder are fine, but you must not forget that sub-folders within the mailbox folder itself will not migrate to Office 365.

While you perform Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration, the item of great significance is service mail accounts such as pop accounts, and fax machines. More or less, everyone has them, and no two individuals send mail the same way. To work in Office 365 they need to be authenticated, secure SMTP accounts that support TLS. So, be sure to test these accounts before the final migration. Moreover, it also gets important for you to have a proper understanding of the data you have and how do you plan to utilize it in the future. Having a clear understanding can greatly ease down your move to Office 365. Therefore, many experts recommend having public folder data planning done before making any move of mailbox. Such planning is important because it makes the data available to users immediately after transition to the cloud. Ensure the network bandwidth beforehand when performing such conversion. All this might help you in Office 365 migration.

However, inbuilt tools do not ensure complete recovery always hence trusting utilities that are specifically designed to perform such conversion must be used. Kernel Office 365 Migrator for Lotus Notes and GroupWise to Office 365 Migration Software are two amazing utilities devised to perform such migration with ease and precision. Embedded with excellent features and facilities to make entire mailbox including emails, contacts, calendars, checklist, cabinet, sent items, documents, trash, work in progress, email properties, images, and attachments to Office 365, there could be no better tools than these. Various modes are embedded in the tool that make entire migration as piece of a cake! For more information do have a look-

Kernel Office 365 Migrator for GroupWise

The software can migrate multiple GroupWise mailboxes to Office 365 with the help of effective algorithm. There is an inbuilt CSV file method where the user can input the details of both source GroupWise and destination Office 365 accounts. The software will migrate and present a result to you.

Kernel Office 365 Migrator for Lotus Notes

Kernel Office 365 Migrator for Lotus Notes software is designed by keeping the structure of IBM Notes in check and the suitable offers to migrate them in Office 365. After the completion of migration, the software reduces any requirement to perform any management at Office 365.

Kernel Office 365 Migrator for Lotus Notes
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