Free Method to Open EDB File without Exchange Server

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There is a unique format for every application to store its data. Exchange Server uses EDB format to store user mailboxes and public folders. An EDB file contains almost every data of Exchange account like emails, notes, attachments, calendar, contacts, and even deleted items, which make it an important file for them. It is clear that Exchange Server is required to open and access EDB files. But sometimes Exchange administrators will have offline EDB files on other systems and want to open them. There could be any reason behind opening EDB file without Exchange, such as the Exchange Server is down.

Opening EDB file without Exchange Server

It’s not that difficult to open EDB without Exchange. Here, we will discuss some methods that can be used to open EDB files while covering the following topics:

Need to Open EDB without Exchange Server

There could be several reasons behind opening an EDB file without Exchange Server, such as:

  • If the EDB file is corrupt
  • When Exchange server is down, or you don’t have access to the server
  • During the maintenance of Exchange server
  • When you wish to open unmounted EDB files
  • Unable to open a large Exchange Mailbox

All these scenarios clarify why you need to open and read EDB file without Exchange Server.

Ideal Conditions for Opening an EDB file without Exchange

To open an EDB file without Exchange Server, certain conditions need to be met. For example:

  • You should have access to MS Exchange Server
  • EDB file should be mounted on the Server
  • EDB file shouldn’t be corrupt in any manner
  • The database must be in clean shutdown state

If you meet all these conditions, then only you’ll be able to open your EDB file with manual methods, otherwise, you’ll have to move to a third-party solution.

A Simple Method to open EDB file – Kernel EDB Viewer

It is an exclusive software that is designed to open corrupt, damaged, as well as healthy EDB files without the need of installing Exchange Server. This Exchange EDB Viewer tool is embedded with smart algorithms that make it capable of fixing EDB corruption errors and allow users to access the data. To better understand the software, let’s take a look at its working process:

  1. Download and Install the tool on your system.
  2. Launch the tool and select the file that you want to open, and then click Next.
  3. Launch Kernel EDB Viewer
    Note: You can also search for the EDB file if you don’t know its location.

  4. In the next step, select the specific scanning mode to scan and repair the EDB file, and then click Finish.
    mode to scan and repair the EDB file
  5. The software will display all the EDB mailboxes on the left-hand side. You can select any folder to see its item, and then click the item to preview its content in the given space.
    software will display all the EDB mailboxes

That’s the easiest and fastest way to open and view an EDB file without Exchange Server. However, if you have to convert EDB files to access it via Outlook, then you can take help from EDB to PST Converter that is specially designed for it. It is the most recommended EDB to PST converter tool by Exchange Expert.


Exchange Server have the security features where the corrupt EDB file is disconnected automatically and sometimes, the Exchange Server is down, and the user cannot access their mailboxes. In such conditions, the user looks for manual techniques to open the contents of EDB file. Kernel Exchange EDB Viewer is the freeware that lets you open both corrupt as well as healthy databases. It will open all mailboxes where you can get a preview of each item. It will open emails, contacts, calendar, forms, public folder, archive mailbox, etc.

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