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Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email client. It is a professional application that is used in almost every business. Sharing a calendar is one of the tasks to be done by working employees regularly. Not being able to share a calendar is very frustrating sometimes. In this blog, we shall discuss some common ways to fix Outlook calendar sharing issues in Windows 10 and 11.

There are various reasons why this issue might occur. Some of the common ones are mentioned below:

  • Outdated Outlook version
  • Corrupt Outlook data files
  • Outdated add-ins
  • Permission issues with the calendar

Now let’s jump right away to resolve the Outlook error when sharing the calendar in Windows 10/11.

Install the latest Outlook version

  1. Open the Outlook app and select the File menu.File
  2. Click on Office Account. Select the update option and then click on Update now. Update now
  3. Once you have installed the updates, restart the system.
Open Outlook on a different OS

It might happen that your Outlook version is incompatible with the Windows version you are using. You can check this by sharing the calendar using the Outlook app on Mac or iPhone.

Check the installed add-ins
  1. Open Run (press Windows key + R). Type ‘outlook.exe/safe’ and press OK.Type ‘outlook.exe/safe’
  2. This will open Outlook in safe mode, wherein all the additional features won’t be available.
  3. Try sharing the calendar in safe mode. If it is successful, this implies that one of the add-ins is causing the issue. Then find the troubled add-in as below.
  4. From the Outlook ribbon on the top, select Options.Select option
  5. Select Add-ins from the right pane. Select COM Add-ins beside the Manage option. Click on Add-ins
  6. Deselect one add-in one at a time and then share the calendar. This will enable you to find out which add-in is causing the trouble.Deselect one Add-in
  7. Once the add-in has been identified, from the COM Add-ins box, select the particular add-in and check on Remove.
  8. Restart Outlook.
Look for Calendar Permissions
  1. Launch Outlook and select Calendar view.
  2. Right-click on the calendar to be shared.
  3. Select Properties.
  4. Under the Permissions tab, remove the non-Outlook users and the non-accessible Calendar users.
  5. Click on Apply and restart Outlook.
Uninstall Office Suite
  1. Open the Run dialogue box and type, ‘ appwiz.cpl.’ Press OK.type appwiz.cpl
  2. Under the Programs and Features box, select Microsoft Office entry.
  3. Right click and select Uninstall. Uninstall
  4. Follow the instructions and then re-install the entire suite again.
  5. Reboot the system and look if the issue still persists.
Restore Microsoft Office to the previous version
  1. Close the entire Office Suite
  2. Search for cmd or command prompt. Right-click and select Run as administrator. Run as administrator
  3. Type the following commands and hit enter:Commands
  4. Once the process is completed, open Outlook Calendar and check for the issue. If it is resolved, close the automatic installation option by following the below steps:
    a)Select Account from the File menu.
    b)Under the Update Options, select Disable updates.
Use Quick Repair to repair corrupt files
  1. Open the Run dialogue box and type, ‘appwiz.cpl.’ hit Enter.appwiz.cpl
  2. Under Programs and Features, select Microsoft Office and click on Change.Microsoft Programs and Features
  3. Select Quick Repair and click Repair.Quick Repair
  4. Restart Outlook.
Use a professional Outlook recovery tool

If the calendar sharing error still persists, you can rely on expert tools. One such professional tool is Kernel for Outlook PST Repair. This tool seamlessly repairs all the corrupt Outlook PST files and exports them to different formats. This Outlook recovery tool repairs all kinds of PST files, irrespective of the file size, maintaining complete data integrity. It supports Windows 10 & 11 too for Outlook data recovery.


There are various manual way to fix the Outlook error that occur when sharing a calendar in Windows 10/11, but the above methods do not guarantee results. They work only when the issue is small. Trying a professional Outlook recovery tool prevents any unnecessary data loss.

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