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Summary: The content discusses common issues encountered when trying to access Google Drive files and provides solutions, such as requesting access permissions, downloading Google applications, and switching Google accounts. It also emphasizes the importance of backing up Google files using Kernel G Suite Backup tool.

Google Drive enables users to store various file formats, including doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, png, jpeg, jpg, mov, and more, securely in the cloud. Access to these files is available through the Google Drive web interface or the dedicated Google application installed on their device. However, occasional challenges may arise when attempting to open specific Google files or folders.

This issue may arise from a sluggish internet connection, which users can quickly diagnose and rectify. However, when a user encounters a direct message stating “You need permission,” it signifies that the individual attempting to access the file lacks the necessary permissions. In such cases, permission must be granted by either the owner of the file or a user with file owner rights. This problem is typically straightforward to resolve. Another common cause of this error is when the user tries to access the file while signed in with a different Google account, a common mistake made by many users.

What Can the User do to Fix This?

Following initial troubleshooting steps such as verifying internet connectivity, inspecting malware and firewall safeguards, attempting file access after a brief wait, removing unnecessary files from Google Drive, reviewing system and configuration prerequisites, and clearing browser cache, users can then proceed with tailored solutions addressing the primary causes of the problem.

Please follow the provided solutions to resolve the issue of being unable to open a Google Drive file.

Ask for Access Permissions

To gain access to files on Google Drive, individuals must obtain authorization from the owner of the specific file or folder. Consequently, users have the option to request access permission by following these steps.

  • For desktop users:
    If you attempt to open a Google file for which you have no permission, a page labeled “Permission Required” will appear. To request access, simply click on the “Request Access” option. This action will automatically send an email to the file owner, requesting access to the file. If the owner approves your request, you will receive an email confirming your access approval. Subsequently, you’ll be able to effortlessly open and access the Google Drive file.
  • For mobile device users:
    If a user attempts to open a file on a mobile device without proper authorization, a page featuring the “Request Access” choice will be displayed. Simply select this option, followed by clicking on “Send,” to transmit a request directly to the file’s owner via their Google account email or Gmail address. You will need to await the owner’s approval before gaining access to your Google file.

Download the Respective Google Application

To ensure uninterrupted and speedy access to Google files, it is recommended that you install the corresponding Google applications on your system or device. You can easily obtain Google applications such as Google Contacts, Gmail, Google Sheets, and Google Drive from either the App Store or the Play Store. Installing these applications will enable you to swiftly access and edit your Google files.

Try to Access Files With Different Google Account

If you have doubts about accessing a file with the wrong Google account, it’s recommended to attempt signing in with an alternative Google account on your system or device.

  • Switching Google accounts
    Try to access the Google file. If you encounter the “Permission Required” page, click on the “Change Accounts” choice. Then, choose the Google account that you believe or are aware the file is associated with, and log in using the account credentials.
  • For Android/iPhone Devices
    Switching accounts in Android applications is a straightforward process, allowing users to easily add or switch to a different Google account. To do this, users should open the specific Google application on their device. Then, they can access the account management options by tapping on the three horizontal dots located at the top right corner of the interface. Beneath the current Google account address, there is an arrow that can be clicked to reveal more options. From there, users can choose to “Add account” to incorporate a new Google account or select an existing account address to switch to it, using their sign-in credentials. Once completed, users can access Google files and services from the newly selected account, effectively making it the primary one.

Is It Essential to Backup Google Files? If Yes, Then How?

A significant concern with file storage in Google Cloud pertains to the potential for files to be randomly or accidentally deleted, rendering them irretrievable by any means. Such deletions may result from user conflicts, the account holder’s unawareness, or simple user errors. Notably, even the synchronized Google folder fails to preserve files that have been deleted online, as they are automatically removed from that folder as well.

It is a smart move to keep the Google files secure at another location as you now know the reasons why you need G Suite backup. And this can be best performed using the advanced Kernel G Suite Backup Tool , which is designed and developed to backup G Suite content such as Google Drive files, Gmail, Contacts, Chats, and other data selectively to the desired location on the system or external drive efficiently. Verify all tool particulars and obtain a complimentary trial version from the official website.

Summing Up

The inability to access Google files can be quite frustrating for users, particularly when the specific cause is not clearly indicated. While there can be various reasons behind this issue, users can find solutions outlined in the article to diagnose and resolve it. Furthermore, it’s crucial to emphasize the importance of Google Drive file backup as it plays a pivotal role in recovering lost data. Additionally, we’ve recommended the top tool for backing up your Google Drive to ensure data security.